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The Evie Chester Files – Case 1: Lost and Found

The Evie Chester Files

by Nita Round

Lost and Found - Nita Rounds - Evie Chester Files
Editions:Kindle - first: $ 2.99
Pages: 193

A gifted slave. A cursed woman. Together can they gain their freedom?

Evie Chester is a slave with a precious gift. Living in a world that both marvels and fears magic and the unexplained.

Evie dreams of being free and of acceptance. When an opportunity presents itself for escape she finds herself pursued with a bounty on her head. Eyes are everywhere, nowhere is safe.

An encounter with a cursed woman brings about the promise of freedom in return for her help. Everything changes. Is the price of her freedom at too high a price?

Evie Chester is set in the same world as the fantasy Towers of the Earth series.

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About the Author

Nita Round lives in the heart of England with her wife and their ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rosie. She has many interests and hobbies, including walking, D&D, cooking, and drinking wine. Not always in that order. Her damson gin and plum vodka have been a factor in several hangovers, but she says it has nothing to do with her. If you can’t manage your fruit, lay off the gin.