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The Foreigner

by C. S Luis

The Foreigner - C.S. Luis - The Mindbender Series
Part of the The MIndbender series:
Pages: 288

Dr. Bryce Nicholson has found the source he’s been searching for, and the capture is sweeter than he ever anticipated. His hunter has fallen in love with the girl, and claimed her for his own. The next phase of his experiment is ready to begin, but forces outside his control are working against him.

The alien is roaming the halls of Milton High and he’s ready to take Claudia home with him. He’s ready to take her from her life and make her remember who she truly is, but her connections to this world are too strong. There’s only one with the power to make her leave. Only the shadow man can return to her what she’s lost, and for that she’s willing to give up everything.

Everything is on the line as Claudia’s enemies come at her from all directions. Will her friends be able to keep her safe or will she wind up taken by one of the men who are out to get her?

Cover Artists:
Tropes: Aliens Among Us, Conspiracy, Mad Scientist, Superpowers
Word Count: 70255
Setting: High School, Texas, Houston
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters
Tropes: Aliens Among Us, Conspiracy, Mad Scientist, Superpowers
Word Count: 70255
Setting: High School, Texas, Houston
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

A Fool in Love

Dr. Nicholson



Aaron and I planned to meet at his flat. Jonas walked to the entrance ahead of me and rang the doorbell. When Aaron opened the door the smile on his face spread wide. He was dressed in long, khaki shorts and a blue platted polo shirt.

“Hello there, Jonas,” he greeted the bodyguard standing to my left.

Jonas never knew what to say. Aaron loved to toy with him as much as I enjoyed toying with others. Jonas normally wouldn’t say anything. He was disciplined in the matter.

Aaron flashed me a look. I guess he wanted to get him to say something. After all, they were no longer strangers.

“Hello, Dr. Spencer,” Jonas answered in a strong stern voice. He was disciplined no matter the atmosphere.

“Jonas, you know you can call me Aaron…”


Jonas didn’t say anything in response but turned to me instead.

“Call me when you’re ready, sir,”

I was about to answer, but Aaron beat me to it. “Don’t worry I can drive him where he needs to go.”

Jonas only frown, not taking Aaron seriously. His look said I don’t follow your orders.

I grinned and added.

“I’ll notify you, Jonas, if things change, or when I require a driver.”

Jonas nodded and dismissed himself, leaving me at the entrance along with Aaron.

“He’s always so uptight,” Aaron said as I entered his home.

“He’s trained to be vigilant and ready for anything. Uptight would not be the correct word to describe him. He’s one of the best…”

“Best?” Aaron asked. His brows wrinkled into a tiny crease on his lovely face.

Was he acting the part of a naïve youth when he asked stupid questions. Did I like it? To some degree it entertained me, but at times it also bored me. He seemed to be doing that a lot more, getting far more comfortable in ways I often found weak and flawed. Yet, there was something I found attractive about him that put those tiny faults aside.

“What actually does he do?” he was starting to get bolder and more curious. He no longer was satisfied with simple answers.

“Anything I want him to.”

Aaron closed the door and stepped over to me. He was quiet for a moment. Perhaps considering my answer.

“I’m puzzled, why are we at your flat and not meeting at the restaurant again?” I said quickly to change the subject.

“I wanted to see… well,” Aaron cautiously said. He came over and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

I welcomed the gesture, but curiously examined the expression on his face. He was holding back, or rather, he didn’t know how to ask what was on his mind.

“I wanted people to see us together.  I wanted to go to this place I like to hang out…and well, be a couple…”

I suspiciously stared into his eyes.

“I hate when you look at me like that. I feel like you don’t trust me,” he admitted.

Trust wasn’t the right word, but then again, I had my reasons for questioning anyone’s motives. I had dark secrets I wanted to keep hidden, especially from him.

“I would have thought you loved it,” I teased.

“I lied; I do. I love and hate it.” He smirked.

I chuckled. “I despise social gatherings, Aaron,” I honestly admitted.

He saw it coming long before the words completely left my lips. He knew I was a private person. “Please, do this one thing for me?” Aaron caressed my cheek and kissed me.

I curled a slim lip back. He had me.

“I want to do more things together. I want to spend more time with you.” He looked into my eyes. There was a sparkle in them, one I felt foolish for putting there.

I exhaled. “How can I refuse? I have cleared my morning for you. Very well… I shall entertain this.”

“Thank you.” He smiled.

Aaron backed up a step and examined me. I felt flushed. For the first time, I was under the examination glass. Aaron shook his head slowly back.

“Tsk, tsk… you can’t go dressed like that.”

I didn’t understand what was wrong with my attire. I wore a nice suit jacket, a silk, pastel shirt, a tie, and well-pressed slacks.  “What’s wrong with the way I’m dressed?” I asked.

“Too business. You need to get casual.”

My brow furrowed. I didn’t do casual.

Moments later, standing in his bedroom, he ordered, “Take it off.”

“As you wish.” I grinned, removing the suit jacket.

“Bryce, that’s not what I mean. I’m dressing you.” Dressing me?

I set the suit jacket on the bed. “If you wanted me naked you didn’t have to ask me to change…I would have gladly taken my clothes off for you, darling.” I taunted.

“Bryce, stop. I just wanted to... You’re changing but…” Aaron swallowed the rest of his words as I removed my shirt. His eyes traced every inch of my bare chest. He bit that plump lip of his. As he neared, I lifted his chin gently. His gaze found mine as I leaned forward to kiss his gaping mouth. After a second, he pushed me back.

“Bryce,” he gasped sounding a bit frustrated. “You make it impossible to concentrate. Right now, I want to go out…”

I smiled as his hand stroked my cheek. “Very well, darling; I’ll indulge you. I suppose socializing might do me some good. I’m told I lack such a quality.”

“Really? I find that hard to believe.”

I laughed. Only Aaron would think so. “You might be the only one who feels that way, darling.”

“No tie,” Aaron said as he dressed me in a pastel blue polo shirt rolled up to the sleeves. He insisted I leave it slightly open. “No jacket,” he said and pushed the khaki shorts in my direction.

I wagged a finger back. “I don’t wear shorts.” I said unrolling the sleeves of the dress shirt. How inappropriate.

Aaron wrinkled his nose. “One day won’t kill you. It’s Texas, it’s hot. Wear them. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.”

I repeated the gesture again.

“Fine,” he uttered. “I guess I can’t complain, you are coming. But here try these. They’re more comfortable and not as hot.”

Aaron handed me a pair of khaki slacks and a tan belt. I snatched them from his hand. The fabric felt lighter and more comfortable. I’ll indulged him, this once. He smiled.


Why was I wearing this ridiculous outfit? However, I stepped out dressed in the clothing he’d chosen. He immediately looked me over. His mouth dropped.

“My god; you’re gorgeous.”

Nearing I helped him close his mouth. He swallowed and grabbed my suit jacket and draped it over me.

“Put this back on again.”

I smirked. As reluctant as I was with another telling me how to dress, I did it for him. He moved back and gasped.

“Perfect. You’re stunning. That blonde hair, those beautiful pale blue eyes…”

“Only this once…understood?” I sternly said wagging a finger at him.

Aaron came over and kissed me hard, the strain of his member pushed against my lower waist. I pressed him close. The gesture had turned him upside down. It did the same to me.

“I thought we were going out, my love?” I said as he kissed my neck.

“Yes, of course,” he gasped after a moment fighting his urges and pulled away. “I want to introduce you to friends.” Aaron said, composing himself as he waited for the reaction on my face, or maybe dreading it, was far more an accurate description.

“Friends?” I uttered. “I assumed it would only be the two of us.”

“Yes, of course, but we might run into a few of my friends at the café. And, well, if I do…”

I meant to object. Aaron immediately came over and wrapped his arms around me before I had the chance.

“Please…I want to show you off.”

Surprised he suspected I would object.

Then he said, “No one believes me. When I show them your picture, they just laugh. They think I’m a liar. I mean, they don’t say that, but I can tell by the way they look at me. I guess I talk so much about you, and they’re tired of hearing about you and just want to meet you.”

Picture? When had I posed for a picture?


About the Author

C.S. Luis resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and two children. She’s published books in multiple genres and is looking forward to expanding her works into graphic novels. She’s written and helped compose a lullaby in German, which can be found in her Mindbender series. In her free time, C.S. Luis is passionate about art. She enjoys drawing as well as oil painting. An avid reader, she gravitates toward authors like Anne Rice, Joe Hill, L.J. Smith, E.L. James, Christopher Moore, Chuck Palahniuk, and Stephen King.