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The Ghost of Hillcomb Hall

by Joshua Ian

England, 1910.

Landscape designer Jonas Laurence arrives at the cheerless and fog enswathed Hillcomb Hall, home to the Earl of Stanley and his family, to renovate their crumbling gardens. With a great storm crashing all around, his time is at the mercy of the house’s odd and mysterious occupants. Captivated by the hauntingly attractive portrait of Lord Stanley’s ancestor, which constantly seems to watch and taunt him, Jonas’s dreams become weird and distressing. And his waking moments are consumed by the strange stories and weird atmosphere of the manor estate. Ghostly visits in the night leave Jonas no choice but to accept his attraction to the otherworldly spirit from the painting. But is this affaire de coeur real? Or it all just a trick of the mind, a sinister game being played by the inhabitants of Hillcomb Hall?

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Jonas felt the spirit move towards him; he could feel the heat radiating from his body.

A heat like the wicks of a thousand oil lamps, all burning at once. A heat that started small but that he knew would rage up, like a fire, and consume him.

“I have waited for this moment ever since my eyes first fell on you,” said the ghost. “I have studied you, you know.”

“Yes. I know.”

Reviews:Sharonica Logic on Sharonica Logic – Gay RoMMance Book Reviews wrote:

This is an excellently told haunting tale, with a bit of suspense, a dash of mystery and romance, a slightly Gothic feel, set in England’s countryside a little over a century ago. It includes talk of the suffrage movement and includes themes of life in a home where Upstairs/Downstairs dynamics are still a prominent way of life.

The characters are vibrant and alive, the landscape very “Bronte-esque” with its constant rain and fog making for quite the contrast between light and dark. I loved it!

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About the Author

Joshua Ian can easily be captured by a witty turn of phrase or a low-bottomed electronic bassline. If you manage to combine the two, then you have his heart forever. He lives in New York City and writes mostly historical, speculative, and sci-fi/fantasy fiction but he does love a good mystery. He watches too many movies, eats too much dark chocolate, and falls into way too many Wikipedia rabbit holes– but it’s all in the name of research (or so he tells himself). One day he plans to travel the world - to see what each country has to offer in the way of movie theatres and dark chocolate, naturally.