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The Jack Hansard Series: Season One

by Georgina Jeffery

Jack Hansard is the man who can sell you anything. Luck in a bottle, fame in a box, dreams on a leash... anything is possible when you’re a trader on the occult Black Market.

Jack is used to a life of handling dangerous goods, dodging disgruntled customers, and sometimes running away very fast. But when Ang (a two-and-a-half-foot tall coblyn right out of Welsh folklore) buys his help to find her missing kin, Jack suddenly finds the goods are riskier, the customers more treacherous, and escape is anything but guaranteed.

The Jack Hansard Series is an episodic urban fantasy with a wide streak of humour and a lot of British folklore. Season One contains the first fifteen episodes in the series.

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Reviews:Chris on Goodreads wrote:

Fantastic book. The episodic format is great for squeezing a good read into a busy schedule but the overall narrative is also satisfying. The dialogue (including Jack's internal monologue) is both punchy and charming, really reminiscent of Pratchett.

Ms Brenna on Amazon wrote:

Polished writing and engaging characters who leave you wanting more, and I can't wait for Season Two.

Zoe on Fiction Book Reviews wrote:

A perfect blend of humour, fantasy and horror! You can often tell by the first chapter if this is going to be a great read. I could tell by the first page!

I loved the characters and the humour they brought was brilliant. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down.

About the Author

Georgina Jeffery is a speculative fiction writer in Shropshire, England. Her stories blend elements of fantasy, humour and horror, and tend to reflect her penchant for mythology and folklore. She writes in frenetic sprints during her daughter’s naptimes, or very late into the night.

Her debut novel The Jack Hansard Series: Season One was released in 2020. Her work can also be found in a variety of anthologies and journals, including The San Cicaro Experience from Thunderbird Studios; Unbreakable Ink from Indomitable Ink; and Copperfield Review Quarterly, a journal of historical fiction.