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The Lone Wolf

by John D. Pepe

Lone Wolf - John D. Pepe
Editions:Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: ASIN: 1672041570
Pages: 450
Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 450

While tracking a tribe of orcs, Remence comes across much more than that…an ogre mage seeks to unite all the orcs of the region against humans and non-orc kind. These orcs are well-disciplined, organized, and much better equipped; it is a true army, unlike anything young Remence has ever seen. And they are heading right for his village! When he fails to convince the village elders of the imminent threat to their lives, Remence takes extraordinary measures to save his people.

Caladin and Quinn are much more than the fancy thieves they appear to be. On their latest endeavor, they, too, learn of the orc host bearing down on the people of the region and throw themselves into the fray. After the gentlemen procurers are hired to uncover information about the recent orc attack, they enlist the help of Remence, learning their fight is against a common foe. Alongside a ragtag group of orc hunters, three half-ogre brothers, and a half-orc, Caladin, Quinn, and Remence turn detective and seek to find the person who is aiding the ogre mage. What they discover is that they may be the only ones standing between the massive orc army and the threat to humankind.

Reviews:Kaitlin Grey (Kitty G) on Kitty G wrote:

"I have to say that this book felt like fun."
"... they (speaking of Caladin and Quinn) come off a little like Hadrian and Royce from Michael J Sullivan's books when they banter together, and that's a good thing."
"I liked the characters and plot and although it's a longer title it had a good pace which kept me reading and engaged with the characters. 3.75*s from me which is 7.5/10 for #SPFBO. -Kaitlin Grey (Kitty G) SPFBO judge

About the Author

John D. Pepe is the author of THE LONE WOLF. He is a former practicing attorney turned school counselor.  He's a Neek (Nerd and Geek) and a life long D&D player.  He enjoys martial arts/working out, podcasting/blogging, travel, and spending time with his family and friends. He lives in So. Cal. with his wife and son.