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The Memory Dance

Book 3

The Memory Dance - Caro Soles - Merculian Mystery
ISBN: 195056519X
Pages: 228

Merculian is usually a peaceful world of artistic, fun-loving and sensual hermaphrodites. The planet has always been safe, most Merculians blissfully unfamiliar with the dark powers that lurk beneath the surface of familiar things.

The trouble starts when the aliens arrive. Celebrity dancer Triani picks up a mysterious Terran male in the Pleasure Gardens, and an Ultraati rope dancer dies. Seemingly unrelated, these two events unleash powerful forces that disrupt the lives of everyone around him. Secrets from his carefully hidden past boil to the surface, flooding him with fear. When his beloved Giazin is threatened, he risks his life to save his child. Yet the mysterious group known as the Watchers will not let go. Can Triani free himself from the grip of these formidable beings or will they force him to betray his human lover?

Publisher: Crossroad Press
Setting: Merculian
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Setting: Merculian
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

“Oh, shit!” Triani caught his breath. Five burly Elutian guards burst through the door and surrounded Victor.

“I'm sorry!” Triani cried, backing away.

Victor put up a good fight, but it was useless against those odds, and they dragged him off moments later. Just before the door closed, one of the Elutians turned back and grabbed Triani.

“No! Not me! I was just supposed to bring him!” Triani shouted, struggling against the scaly grip of his huge captor.


“Shut up your face,” the Elutian remarked, casually lifting the Merculian off his feet and swinging him down the hall after the still-fighting Victor. At the first door they came to, his captor paused, pushed him against the wall, and holding both wrists in one hand, reached for something in one of the many pockets in his black jumpsuit. Triani had just opened his mouth to protest again when a filthy rag was stuffed into it. Shocked, he concentrated on breathing through his nose, trying to ignore the putrid smell that threatened to nauseate him. Suddenly, he was afraid. He could die here, choked to death in his own vomit. At the very least, if this Elutian decided to hit him, he could be severely injured.

The big alien seemed satisfied now that his prisoner was silenced. He stretched his scaly neck up about a foot, then retracted it.

“You be good now?” he asked.

Triani nodded vigorously. They're going to kill me, he thought bleakly. Why? It occurred to him that they would not go to all this trouble for a mere courier. Who was Victor?