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The Pigg Brothers

by Rob Bliss

The Pigg Brothers - Rob Bliss
ISBN: B0871N586H
Pages: 185

Backwoods brothers, Otis and Clyde Clovis, mourn the loss of their mama by eating her.

With nothing to go home to, they hit the open road.

The Pigg Brother's rampage of murder, necrophilia and cannibalism begins!

They soon discover the delicious taste of pig and human meat combined. Which then gives them the idea to sell burgers out of a truck.

Since supplies eventually run out, they have to keep killing. Luckily, they run across a serial killer with a farm on prime real estate, so they kill him and have themselves a base of operations.

The bodies pile up and people love the new 'Pigg Bros' Burgers!

Hopefully they can stay in business, but the brothers aren't too smart, and start making dumb mistakes.

Will the Clovis brothers stay in business, or does every good pig eventually get slaughtered?


Chapter 1

Mama was dying.

Her sons, Otis and Clyde, the Clovis brothers, rushed to her room when they heard her calling. In the split-log shack, she had the large back room, the one with its own extra-wide door cut into the back wall, covered with a single sheet of opaque plastic. They had to cut it when Mama grew too large to get through the room's interior door. Most of her life, after her husband died, was spent lying on her reinforced wooden framed bed with straw for a mattress; but when she was hungry enough, she found the energy to raise her 600 pounds off the straw, creaking the warped boards of the frame, to push through the plastic, and stagger with her pine stick cane to the pig barn.


When the boys ran in, they saw her in bed as usual, but with bones small and large scattered across her body, on the bed, and on the floor. Her thin lips and shoe-heel chin shone with fresh pig grease. Bits of flesh, ligament strings, smears of blood were stuck to the sweating rolls of her neck folds. She reached out stubby fingers on plump hands to either son, held their grips in her own.

"Boys, fetch the family Bible so's I can read some scriptures afore I's gone to meet Baby Jesus," she said, though she wasn't a strong reader.

Clyde, the youngest at thirty-nine, weighing only 290 pounds, rushed to the stone fireplace in the main room. His worn black work boots shuffled in cold fireplace ash as he slid the six-inch-thick Bible off the mantle. Boots without laces flopped on his feet as he carried Mama's last wish back into the bedroom. He lay it gently on the bed beside Mama's hand. Her face was frog-belly white and she sucked in deep, wheezing breaths. Fingers found the Bible, touched its aged leather, and she smiled.

"I knowed you boys ain't good at readin', 'n I don't rightly think I can lift the Good Book, but thass okay. Just havin' it by my side – 'n you boys too, acourse – is solace in my dyin'."

"Why's you dying, Mama?" Otis, the elder brother, weighing 352 and standing over six feet, asked.

"It's my time, son. The Lord is callin'."

Clyde picked up a tiny bone from a fold in Mama's hole-peppered dress. Sniffed it, crunched it between molars, and swallowed the splinters. "Mama, did you eat a pig?" he asked as he chewed.

"I's so hungry, boys. I think it were the last hog. This dyin' is makin' Mama hungry, but I's always hungry. Didn't have no time to cook 'im. Makin' a fire is so tirin'."

Clyde looked to his brother as he sucked his fingers. "I's done that afore. Uncooked hog still good. Natural, like how the beasts of the field eat each other."

Otis' bulging eyes focused on a bone sliver glued to Mama's collarbone. He plucked it off Mama's sweat-wet fat and popped it into his mouth, molars crunching. Hummed with delight as his caterpillar eyebrows rose. "Goddamn, that is good!"

Mama's face muscles tensed. "Don't you blaspheme, boy, not on your Mama's death bed!"

"Sorry, Mama," Otis replied, sucking his thumb. "But you sayin' we ain'tgots no more pigs? What we gonna eat?"

Mama tilted her head back onto a pillow of straw sewn into an old piece of gingham cloth. "Boys, once I die, y'allgotta make it on your own. Cain't stay here on the farm since it ain't no farm no more. Might be a bit of gas still left in daddy's truck. You gotta go out inta the world 'n make your way." Her dime-sized nostrils expanded as she sucked in a deep, whistling breath. A hand rose to smear bits of pig skin from around her mouth. The boys watched with envy as she sucked her fingers. "I's just gonna tell you one thing that'll give you good lives instead a bad – which your daddy didn't learn 'n it ended up killing 'im." She gripped their hands again, felt the Bible lean against her hip. "You boys promise Mama to stay away from the women folk. They's no good – they'll steer you clear of doin' the Lord's work." Anger rose to momentarily flush her face. "You hear me boys – no goddamn pussy!" Her head slumped back to the pillow and she tried to form a cross over herself, but couldn't hold up her hand long enough.

Tears fell from Clyde's eyes and Otis kept his jaw tight, trying not to sob. Each of their voices cracked as they said,
"We's promise, Mama."

"Promise, Mama."

She placed their hands on her chest between her fallen breasts. "Good boys." Arms fell to her sides, fingertips on the Bible. "Now lemme rest a spell … Mama needs her rest." A belch slipped out of her mouth and a fart thudded deep beneath her as her eyes closed.

Reviews:Ian on wrote:

'Hey, you greedy Piggs - pass me a burger!"

A humorous, extreme, hardcore, horror story about two bumbling pig farmer brothers, Otis and Clyde Clovis, who go on a psychopathic, murderous, sex-crazed and a constant 'hunger-panged' rampage in order to carry out both mama's dying wishes and those of the little 'Baby- Jesus'.
A good storyline with lots of amusing dialogue between the two killers, although the full-on and disturbingly explicit gratuitous sex, violence and cannibalistic tendencies may not be to everyone's 'taste'. You have been warned!

"'Human-hog' combo burgers only from their kiosk - without regular fries or onion rings!'

Extremely mad-crazed ADULT escapism to be sure. Rating:3.5 stars.

About the Author

Rob Bliss writes horror.

​He was born in Canada in 1969.

He has had 100 stories published in 30 online magazines.

He has also published 17 more novels, novellas, and short story collections on Amazon.

Four of his novels were published by Necro Publications.