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The Place Of Things Book Four: Blood

by Daniel Fisher

Blood - Daniel Fisher - The Place Of Things
Editions:Paperback - First: $ 15.00
Pages: 317

Like a spout pushing its way through soil extending deep mighty roots as it grows firm and tall, Michael like those around him has become renewed in the sun. The Wheel of Creation continues to turn through tragedy and triumph with secrets and mysteries revealed, truth discarding deceit to rot away into dust. Terror still lurks in shadow, hinting at battles yet to come and while the union of souls may reign down catastrophe upon all involved, there is a newly shared optimism that this town, rebirthed and revived again after decades can meet the oncoming storm together. Bonded in battle, humbled in heart new friendships have replaced old animosities as all the residents are finding their place in creation.Despite the odds, the couple continues their path toward blending, but if the sun sets on their hopes or the union is not supported by the Mother, disaster could befall not just Michael and Kurra but the entire Grove.Book four of The Place Of Things is Blood. The blood spilled and shared through trial and combat, forged in a family or spilled through injury, death, or pain and joy. Will the Great Mother approve of a blending of souls, or will the remains and splatter of not just Michael, but all those he holds dear be splashed in chunks upon the wedding alter.As this story concludes in the middle it continues on like the cycle of the seasons. Never ceasing always evolving. Until next time, Love from the Sacred Grove.


Able to move after the longest instant of his long life, Kurra caught Michael up in his arms turned laying him on the stone as the energy continued to strike. Using his back as a shield and hand on stone as a conduit, he channeled the electric death into the ground. One full blink of an eye had passed now.

The thunder clap hadn’t hit as yet. Sound had been unable to keep up with the devastation that had already rendered the land into a deathscape. Immortals moved at quickest speed, and creatures great and small, ran and flew to get out of the way from waves of utter destruction.

The stone with the sash and dagger gone, knives burnt to ash, enchanted fabric on fire, destroyed like Michael’s outfit. The armor shattered, fire resistant clothes now tattered and burned. Pants and jacket ripped and torn. His undershirt with a hole exposing his red flesh.


No heartbeat, no pulse now that Kurra had his full range of senses. Regained now of all times? The cacophony around him so loud, it was what he didn’t hear that tore his heart apart.


Shouting so all could hear. It was just another roar over the devastation happening around all of them. Tears fell. No one heard his screams and cries. Too much chaos tearing the land apart. His whole world in front of him, still and unmoving.

“Mother please I beg you, help him.”

No screams of indignation, just sobs. This creature, Kurra Pirra’s heart beating rapidly, breathing labored, face red and scrunched up, he had so much water coming out. His eyes acted so mortal. More expression, more emotion on this guises face than he’d ever been able to express before. No life growing from his tears as all that was worth living for lay dead in front of him. He just cried and begged…

“Mother help me, please!”

“Child I am here.” A voice in the storm, deep and reverent.

“Mother, please I beg you restore him.” Feeling the body of his love.

“Child, why would I do this?”

“He is my love, my life. I will do anything! Please, do not let him suffer for my arrogance!” His head on Michael’s chest, he couldn’t think of showing his face, the face that caused this suffering.

“Child who is this form to you?” The voice, not harsh and not sympathetic, it just the voice that must be obeyed.

“He is my world, my Michael… My soul aches for him I have caused this. He is so much more than I. Please restore him banish me if you desire, I cannot bare him not of this world.”

“And what of you?”

“What of me, I matter not. Do with me as you please he is the one that matters.”

The wellspring of the heart is a place of terror, when it is full of suffering. He now understood that much at least.

“Would you give up your light to this form?” A radiance shone around them, separating the two from the reality of the world. The Mother’s realm.

“If that is possible yes! Take my fire for his… It is a small price to pay for him to live.”

“My child would sacrifice its light for this form?”

“Yes, I would happily do this for him.”

“This form has had a short span full of woe, why would you give it the flame of life?”

“He appreciates life more than I have ever been able. He returned me into the waking world. I must risk the same.”

“Very well, I shall take your flame.” Above Kurra’s forehead, he could feel his soul moving away from his body. The energy that makes one unique was being removed. He was going to die. “Be warned child, this may not restore this form.”

“Please try. Oh Mother, please try.” His energies being sapped away growing weaker, he had to make this right.

“You would perish, if only for a chance at restoration?”

“A chance is worth everything. I cannot be in a world without him, so if he dies it’s my honor to die attempting to save him.”

“Child, keep your flame.”

Placing his soul back. Around Kurra the radiant light softened, almost forming a shape. Outside the bubble, the world was moving forward as the devastation subsided.

“You may think me harsh child. The covenant has never been about the forms. You are the essence of life, however, you never knew a way to be alive. It is to take risk, even if death resulted. This form is restored.”


About the Author

An Indiana native, I spent over 20 years in Philadelphia study and working on different aspects of the creative process. I am trained as a Painter, Sculptor, and Designer who had many shows and several exhibitions of my work. As well as multiple commissioned piece.

I spent most of my twenties working with non-profits teaching large scale pageantry and puppetry to different communities in the city. Professionally I have a background in art education, folklore and mythology. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with many outstanding artists and performers doing set design, costuming, marketing and press on numerous multimedia events.

Returning home to Indiana, I continued painting and sculptor, showing in a number of events, and place in competitions. In 2016 I began writing and finished my first novel a year later. Since then I have been published in Breaking Rules Publishing, with a work in an anthology, and my own novel. I continue to aspire to creating my own line of written work, design and art and décor and have recently started my own business.

I will continue to work along side other's at Breaking Rules, and the company itself to foster an atmosphere of collective creativity.