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The Place Of Things Book Three: Root

by Daniel Fisher

Root - Daniel Fisher - The Place Of Things
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 15.00
ISBN: 979-8702017846
Pages: 304

Root by Daniel Fisher, the third book in the Place of Things series is the continuing story of Michael and his new, rather unique fiancée. From the Winter’s Solstice to the Vernal Equinox we find our lovers and their friends explore new and creative ways to adapt to life-altering events.

Having relocated and now a resident in the sanctuary town of Sacred Grove, Michael is finding his place among the mythical, mystical, and mostly immortal residents who’ve hidden away from the outside world. Not only is he coming out of his own isolation, but they are also finding he is dragging them out of self-imposed exile as well. Sometimes against their instincts. As his and Kurra’s love deepens, new mysteries are added to the mysteries and his and their worlds will never be the same.As the union between two souls from two drastically different worlds draws closer, new mysteries, challenges, and threats crop up for Michael, the mortal, and all the immortals that get caught in his wake. Enchantments and wards may not be enough to hold back the onslaught of supernatural forces if the wedding gets bumpy. Many may yet perish if things go awry. May the Goddess help them all.Book four, the conclusion to this tale coming soon.


“So were waiting for sunrise? You said prepare… For what? You’re being vague not answering my questions… Can you answer them or is this one of those ‘I can’t tell you’ things? Do we need glasses or something?” Michael was getting frustrated, from being awake, darkness and his nipples feeling like they’d snap off. “It’s cold…”
“You ask many questions. Shush I will warm you. Now is the moment to slow your mind and relax.” Moving his big arms up under Michael’s; hands on the sides of his head to get everything ready.
“Did you just shush me?”
“Yes, you are very stubborn and now is when we need to focus. Relax your mind and slow your thoughts.” Deflecting, good thing he started early.
“I am not!” Getting miffed and wanting to move his head to sneer but Kurra’s paws held it tight.
“You are.” Light and casual. “You take pride in it, as you should. Now if you are done? Please; it is important to calm your mind.


” That almost never works telling Michael just to do a thing. “I will explain all as we go through the process.”
“Um hum?” Maybe, he thought… Mumbling under is breath ‘Thin ice’ to Kurra who wanted so much to laugh. But this was important so he must keep focused.
“Breathe and slow your mind. This may work if you stay calm. Your racing thoughts will distract the brain from seeing what exists yet unseen by almost all.” Pouring his energies into Michael’s head to make a connection. “Diffuse your vision so you look between the sky and the land. Soon words will not matter, only thoughts. Perceptions of the mind, voices in your head.” That sounds like crazy talk!?
“Sorry? I don’t get it, what are we doing?” Not trying to be a dick and spoil it all, actually attempting to go along with this batshit idea he whispered.
“It is fine. Soon words will not matter. The electrical stimuli that make sound will bypass the auditory nerve and go directly to your brainstem; the light shall slow and pulse. The flow of perception will all but cease until light is visible in ways most cannot comprehend.”
Whispering again as if he’d spoil it Michael had to ask “So that means were… What?”
“Watching the sunrise. As I see it.”
“Like that time in a bottle sphere thing?” That was cute and amazing; but definitely not a bottle.
“No.” Synching his breathing with Michael’s they were almost ready. The night was fading quickly. “Keep your eyes diffused. Do not focus on any one thing. Allow the unseen, unknown worlds to unfold. I will pull you out if need arises, so let the sun come and do not shield your gaze from the oncoming light. We are stepping out of the flow of linier duration.”
“Wha…” Before words formed on his lips, sounds made in his throat; he heard the sound outloud from his head.
“The particle that is a wave and the wave that is a particle shall be seen before it registers. There are many planes and possibilities, this is but a few. We are outside the spectrum. Between a blink of an eye, between those other things, where thought is action. Allow yourself to be in this moment.”
For what seemed an eternity then no time at all Michael and Kurra were still. The world around them sped by, until instead it stopped and they were inside the outside of it. In a bubble or between a breath. He could move, see, hear and feel, the cold gone but there. They were in that slice of the universe that trapped so many creatures in the coven shop. Now the display, however viewing the world on display. Little increments nudging by.
Cascading like halos, prismic bands of color stretched all that held Michael’s gaze. The things that were his eyes didn’t move, however Michael’s field of vision remained unencumbered. As the prism of light reached each point a solid object began to form. Wisps of clouds, particles of dust in the sky, shimmering as light reflected off each new thing making it visible. A partially seen bird, wing flapping; a shimmer in and out of the visible range. Like a time elapsed photograph; a blur as the ultra high speed radiance slowed until each photon passed an object giving it form and description. The whole of this region, a valley surrounded by high peeks taking shape from waves of particles washing over new surfaces brightening the contrast as dark evaporated into morning. Multi colored reflections of snow capped spires and forests, glittering fields and the shimmering silver of what was becoming a visible stream. The patio taking form as the hues of deep red hit the stone. Reality was forming in the reflection of light visible in the retina’s.
Out of this new reality, this other thing, a new place where or whatever it was; where shapes formed, or were or were not able to be viewed in front of Michael and Kurra: Unlike the objects slowly resolving into solid matter about them, these sped fast. A wave of form, vague, a representation for his perceptible mind. He felt the energy in his head as these, this thing took form. Human but not. Not even remotely. Bipedal, but not. Familiar with hands and head, without those appendages, amorphous; known and warm. Bright as the blazing sun itself, yet not searing his eye sockets into charred craters. These red hued things, perhaps creatures; carried the trails of prismic color, the red would move to orange, then yellow, white, green and blue as particles that acted as waves flowed like a cosmic fountain from these containers of otherness.


About the Author

An Indiana native, I spent over 20 years in Philadelphia study and working on different aspects of the creative process. I am trained as a Painter, Sculptor, and Designer who had many shows and several exhibitions of my work. As well as multiple commissioned piece.

I spent most of my twenties working with non-profits teaching large scale pageantry and puppetry to different communities in the city. Professionally I have a background in art education, folklore and mythology. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with many outstanding artists and performers doing set design, costuming, marketing and press on numerous multimedia events.

Returning home to Indiana, I continued painting and sculptor, showing in a number of events, and place in competitions. In 2016 I began writing and finished my first novel a year later. Since then I have been published in Breaking Rules Publishing, with a work in an anthology, and my own novel. I continue to aspire to creating my own line of written work, design and art and décor and have recently started my own business.

I will continue to work along side other's at Breaking Rules, and the company itself to foster an atmosphere of collective creativity.