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The Place Of Things, Book Two: Stone


by Daniel Fisher

Stone - Daniel Fisher - The Place of Things
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 15.00
ISBN: 979-8551071235
Pages: 265

Stone Is the second book in the place of things series. It picks up where the first book left off. Michael Anderson is now in a strange new world of mystery and Myth, as well with a strange new bed mate is beginning to find his way. Bone follows his journey as he finds a life outside of the mundane world, and embraces a world he could never have though possible.


“Well child, we’ll be bringing in many humans to the site to work with the others hand in hand.” She was going to go on but that would have to wait.

“More of em! That’s it we’re taking him, don’t try to stop us!”

The sheriff and his crew headed directly toward Michael presumably to give him a long term dirt nap. Kurra strongly disliking there hostility very quickly marched over putting himself in their path. Not sure how strong he really was, Michael caught a possible glimpse when the lot of them stopped dead in their tracks.

“Sheriff you and your compatriots will desist in harassing Michael or any human invited to these lands!” Kurra voice was raised, he wasn’t yelling but his tone was defiantly deep and louder than usual.

“You won’t stop us, he’s coming with us and there’s nothing you can do about it!”


The sheriff and his friends may have inadvertently taken Michael’s words about Kurra to heart thinking he was soft and passive. Therefore he would roll over like a puppy… Too bad for them that was not entirely the case.

“I can and most certainly will stop you!” Kurra holding his ground, casual looking but not budging.

“Look princess, even you can’t be everywhere to protect him. He’ll disappear and you won’t do a thing about it… Otherwise you’ll be stuck here taking our places for eternity!”

“Oh shit!” Lillit and actually many other folks who knew Kurra well enough backed away quickly.

“Lillit do something, stop him!” Lo’eth wasn’t waiting to see if she would; edging as far away as she could from the scene.

“He stepped in it, the sheriff’s on his own.” Lillit leapt off the stage as more of the crowd backed away. Kurra’s footing widened balling his fists, many took that as a sign trouble was brewing, Madame White ushered Michael back.

“Children cover his eyes and ears, protect him!” She stood between Michael and Kurra as Kari, Seth, Amy and Yale grabbed him covered his head and held him down to the ground using their bodies as shields. He thought he heard Mr. Polk calling for Miriam’s help to cover Dennis and Gladys. As he was being thrown to the ground Michael felt what everyone did, the earth shaking and wind hitting like a bomb went off.

“Oh fuck!” The two witches on stage misted the band away in the fog, probably to safety.

“You dare threaten me? Your pathetic bindings mean nothing!” Kurra’s voice taking on a cavernous roar, echoing deeply and full of anger, its hum resonating across the town, causing pain to all who heard it. “You are but mayflies, thinking your short lives matter! I would smite this land into a crater and not blink an eye long after the ashes have been cemented to the bottom of the ocean.”

His point was certainly being made; the sheriff was frozen in place by fear trying to cover his eyes, sparks exploding off of him, skin rupturing, blood splattering as high winds came down vertically in Kurra’s position sweeping out horizontally like daggers, hitting the shrieking troll. His cries were the sounds of snapping bones unheard from the raging winds.
His friends tried backing away but for some reason couldn’t flee. Perhaps due to liquefying ground around them, or the living rock slowly crawling up their bodies from the depths, holding them firm. The sheriff’s uniform sparked shooting embers akin to when he pissed off the cat, but it seemed Kurra may have been holding back.

“Bogwood; look upon me and see me as I am! I shall erase your soul from the wheel, my form the last of creation you shall witness!”

Bogwood’s shirt burst into flames as he screamed for mercy. Mr. Bogg’s made his way toward Kurra, trying not to get stabbed in the eyes with debris. Finally close enough grabbed Kurra by the arm, holding him to keep from flying off.

The rest of the crowd were pushed far back, hunkered down. Shit flying everywhere; a whirlwind of utter destruction laying waste to the party, the lot and large swathes of the surrounding area… Obelisks toppled, the stage shredded, ground cracking with fires flaring up reeking utter havoc above, below and around the gathering of townspeople… The damage went father a field. A deep fiery chasm buckled, devouring the paved main street. The old brick saloon crumbling, windows shattered, its steps erupting into flames. The damage was spreading out tearing the fabric of the town apart. If he continued every structure would be leveled and much of the surrounding land would be as upset as he was. The electric glow from the ether had become visibly disrupted, sparks shot across the night shocking many of the people Kurra was miffed at.

“Kurra, please calm down… You will kill Michael as well… as… us all!” Gulping for air. Oh if Michael could have seen how Kurra acted like a major drama queen, he’d have been so proud.
Kurra headed his words, the wind slowed, the ground stopped shaking and the stone holding the folk’s hostage withdrew, there was a calm stillness in the air.


All he said and the destruction, mess and debris reset itself. The only thing not patched up was Bogwood, he was bleeding from his eyes, ears, face, nose and arms, at least those were the visible stains.

“Your life is Emmelle’s… Now run.” Bogwood’s shirt popped. On fire he spun running away, most of the group of people, Trogg, the bug thorn person and a few others scattered. The puff ball just stood there, apparently not knowing what was happening. Ms. Nix backed away but didn’t leave, she looked dazed.

“I am sorry old friend, my patience is not limitless.”

“I know, your tail was peeking out.” Mr. Bogg’s understood patting Kurra on the back and they headed over to Madame White. Michael was allowed up, and now that the threat was over rest of the party goer’s moved forward to give each other space.


About the Author

An Indiana native, I spent over 20 years in Philadelphia study and working on different aspects of the creative process. I am trained as a Painter, Sculptor, and Designer who had many shows and several exhibitions of my work. As well as multiple commissioned piece.

I spent most of my twenties working with non-profits teaching large scale pageantry and puppetry to different communities in the city. Professionally I have a background in art education, folklore and mythology. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with many outstanding artists and performers doing set design, costuming, marketing and press on numerous multimedia events.

Returning home to Indiana, I continued painting and sculptor, showing in a number of events, and place in competitions. In 2016 I began writing and finished my first novel a year later. Since then I have been published in Breaking Rules Publishing, with a work in an anthology, and my own novel. I continue to aspire to creating my own line of written work, design and art and décor and have recently started my own business.

I will continue to work along side other's at Breaking Rules, and the company itself to foster an atmosphere of collective creativity.