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The Reefs of Time

The Chaos Chronicles: Book 5

by Jeffrey A. Carver

The Reefs of Time - Jeffrey A. Carver - Out of Time
Part of the The Chaos Chronicles series:
  • The Reefs of Time
ISBN: 978-1611388343
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 472
ISBN: 978-1611387995
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 472

The starstream is beautiful. But beauty turns deadly when an ancient AI bent on destruction uses it to travel uptime, to our near-future.

The Mindaru are dead. Or so exiled-Earthman John Bandicut and his alien companions believe, when they return to Shipworld after saving the Orion Nebula and countless inhabited worlds. But now another horde from this ancient and malicious AI colony is swarming toward the present from its birthplace deep in the past. Their opening: a temporal disturbance in the starstream, a hyperspatial thoroughfare used by myriad civilizations. The disturbance emanates from the planetary defenses of nearby Karellia, whose people know nothing of the starstream or the galaxy-threatening Mindaru.

Only Bandicut and his friends have the knowledge and experience to act. But several of Bandicut’s company have gone missing. Bandicut and Li-Jared must team with the pandimensional Ruall and her gokat—the oddest aliens Bandicut has met since the shadow-people—and journey to Karellia to find a way to cut off the timestream.

Meanwhile, on Shipworld, the "missing" Ik meets another human of Earth—a former lover of Bandicut’s—and embarks with her on a perilous mission far back into deep time, seeking a way to stop the Mindaru at their source.

The Chaos Chronicles returns at last in The Reefs of Time, part one of a heartstopping, two-part adventure. Concluded in Crucible of Time—from Nebula-nominated Jeffrey A. Carver!


"Classic science fiction with engaging characters and richly imagined worlds!" --Greg Bear; author of The Unfinished Land and The War Dogs Trilogy

"Jeffrey A. Carver's remarkable long-awaited duology The Reefs of Time / Crucible of Time is a welcome addition to The Chaos Chronicles, certifying his continuing mastery of action and adventure at the boundaries of space opera and hard SF." --Steve Miller, co-author of The Liaden Universe

"Rich, dignified prose wedded to excellent and imaginative storytelling on the grandest scale. If you've grown weary of the hasty, hyperkinetic stories and styles that typify so many other independently-published novels, come home to Jeffrey Carver's timeless and triumphant The Reefs of Time." --Charles E. Gannon, author of the Caine Riordan world

"Mind-blowing in its complexity... I settled in to enjoy a wild ride." --Ann Tonsor Zeddies, author of Riders of Leviathan and Steel Helix

"Underpins its stunning science fiction and character-driven narrative with a strong theme of 'coming home'... As narratives intertwine at separate ends of the timescale, Carver's talent for weaving incredible technology and worldbuilding with meaningful character moments is a standout." --Terence MacManus, Aurealis Magazine


"Remarkably expansive vision." --Analog

"Masterfully captures the joy of exploration." -- Publishers Weekly

"Master craftsman of compelling hard science fiction." -- Booklist

One of the best SF novels of the year -- Science Fiction Chronicle

"A dazzling, thrilling, innovative space opera." --Kirkus

"Fertile imagination and... a host of engagingly sympathetic characters." --Library Journal

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Publisher: Starstream Publications
Tropes: Alien Invasion, First Contact, FTL, Galactic Civilization, Interstellar Travel, Killer Aliens, Sentient AI, Space Battles, Space Pilot, Space Psychology, Time Travel

Setting: Galactic, Deep Time

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


About the Author

Jeffrey A. Carver is a recipient of the Helicon Awards’ Frank Herbert Lifetime Achievement Award for writing science fiction. He is the author of numerous novels, including the two-volume epic, The Reefs of Time and Crucible of Time, the latest chapters in The Chaos Chronicles. Equally popular are his Star Rigger stories, including Dragons in the Stars and Nebula-finalist Eternity’s End. He also wrote Battlestar Galactica, a novelization of the critically acclaimed television miniseries. His work explores the borderland between hard SF and space opera. His greatest love remains character, story, and a healthy sense of wonder.

Carver has taught writing in a variety of settings, from educational TV to conferences for young writers to Odyssey to MIT to his own workshops. Visit his guide for aspiring authors of all ages at Read his blog and learn more at

His books and short fiction are widely available in ebook, print, and audiobook. He is widely published traditionally, as well as independently. He grew up in Huron, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, and lives now with his family in the Boston area.