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The Rose of the West

by Mark Bondurant

The Rose of the West - Mark Bondurant
ISBN: 1940995027
ISBN: 1940995027
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 307
ISBN: 1940995140

In an America that might have been, two war orphans from a divided nation, one in the north and one in the south, meet across a vast battlefield, striking out to forge a future together in the west. It's 1892, the fourth and bloodiest year of the Civil War. The North and the South are spent, bled white with struggle across a battlefield strewn with machinery and bodies. In the west is the mother lode, Kay's legacy from her father, The Rose mine. Can they find it -- and can they leave the war behind?


The engines stilled as they shifted gears, and then picked up their old pace, and suddenly the packed dirt of the aerodrome swung by under them. The .30 caliber heavy Gatling guns opened up with hammer blows of sound, their silver tracers arcing out over the field, cutting through the overturned wagons and barriers that protected the sources of the gun flashes in the distance.

The dawn lit the tops of the airships orange and grey, their undersides still deep hydrogen blue strobing white as their guns rattled. They touched down hard, the springs in the tank wheels cushioning the impact, sliding forward across the dirt until the docking clamps released and the airships, one by one shot back up into the sky with ear popping speed, their guns still blazing away at the remaining targets too foolish not to run. Then the rumble of their own tank’s motor took over, blocking out everything else, and they rolled forward opening up with the hammer beat of their own guns.


The 3rd Company, 65th regiment of the US Army Heavy Air Cavalry had arrived.


I've created a world that I like to hang out in. In this book it's a United States that still half belongs to the Indians, sovereign nations building their own factories and towns. Our old hates are still there for us to fight, but it's also a country that still has true adventure and innocent romance. I think it's a unique and difficult to define place. It's certainly hard to classify. Spend time there with me if you want to. Maybe we'll run into each other. I might even buy you a drink.

About the Author

Mark Bondurant is an alternate history author.