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The Soldier’s Mate

Blue Solace Book 3

by C.W. Gray

Morgan Murray is an easy, fun-loving guy. He excels at being a soldier, but never wanted more out of life. Somehow, he ends up in a position of authority on Dru's new ship, the Blue Sparrow. Now he has to deal with what he dreads most. Responsibilities. Dru and her crew are given the task of finding Wyatt Morrick and telling him about his father's death. Along the way, Morgan soon learns that responsibility can be painful, difficult, and frightening. It can also lead to something very special.

Dr. Wyatt Morrick is in trouble. Big trouble. He and his medical crew are stuck on a planet under attack. He may not be a soldier, but he has patients and friends to worry about. With very few supplies left, something has to give for them to survive. The whole planet's future is at stake and he is stuck hiding in a cave.

When Morgan saves Wyatt and his friends, the two men are given a gift, each other. Their love can't stop the Concord, though, and someone has to. Morgan has to grow and accept his responsibilities, and Wyatt has to move on from his father's death. That death just happens to be a little more complicated then Wyatt expected.

Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Alien Artifacts, Cross-Species Friendships, Fated Mates, Found Family, Galactic Civilization, Interspecies Adoption, Interspecies Romance
Word Count: 55,000
Setting: Space Station
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Tropes: Alien Artifacts, Cross-Species Friendships, Fated Mates, Found Family, Galactic Civilization, Interspecies Adoption, Interspecies Romance
Word Count: 55,000
Setting: Space Station
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

“Sebastian says he’s having a girl,” Alois said,
sitting sideways in his chair, legs hanging
over one side and his head over the other. The Dedril
looked pensive for a moment. “He’s going to name her
after his cousin Nina.” His expression turned wistful as
he talked about his maybe-mate. “He’s taking on
translation work for a lot of Leti’s university
colleagues. Sebastian still doesn’t realize how smart he
is. He’ll be bringing in a nice, steady salary soon
Morgan Murray leaned back in his chair, his long
legs stretched out in front of him. “That’s nice,” he said.
“Have you told him you already started a college fund
for the baby?”
Alois blushed. “Of course not. He’s a bit skittish, so
we’re taking our time. I have to be cautious, so I don’t
scare him.”
“You make him sound like a feral cat.”


brushed a strand of silky hair from his face and sipped
his coffee.
He watched the two young women on the mats
circle one another. When Quinn’s chin dropped,
Morgan raised his phaser and quickly zapped her in
the shoulder. He had it set extremely low, but he knew
it stung. She winced, then started moving again,
without the chin drop.
“I just don’t want to fuck up. Sebastian is special. I
don’t know for sure if he’s my mate, but honestly, I
don’t give a damn. He’s going to be mine.”
“Aww,” Morgan said. “That’s so cute, the way you
think it’s your choice.”
Quinn threw hit after hit, interspersed with the
occasional kick, and Hazel blocked more than
Morgan expected. The young engineer was getting
Hazel tapped her foot, readying a kick, and Morgan
zapped her in the shin.
“Ouch,” Hazel squeaked, then carried through on
her kick, that time without the foot tap.
Quinn blocked it, then went on the offensive. The
two got zapped three more times each before they
finally collapsed on the mats.
“I still didn’t get a fucking hit in,” Hazel said. The
young hybrid woman rubbed her pointed ears. Morgan
had noticed she did that when she was stressed. Her
light pink skin glistened in the light of the ship, and her
white hair hung limply, wet with sweat. The poor thing
looked pitiful.
“You’re getting better, Hazel,” Alois said, giving her
an upside down smile from his chair. She smiled back,
her grin infectious.
Quinn slowly rose to her feet. Morgan knew she
had to be sore, but the woman sure as shit had some
grit. He’d sparred with her himself that morning. She
kept coming and coming, no matter how sore and tired
she was. She would make a damn good fighter one day.
Right now, she was an average one, and average
fighters died fast. He didn’t want that for the tough
hybrid woman. She had already suffered so much at
the hands of the Concords.
“You both still have too many tells,” Morgan said,
standing smoothly. He paced around the women. “The
expression on your face isn’t the only thing your
opponent sees. Quinn, you tilt your chin when you’re
about to attack, and your fingers twitch when you’re
about to throw a punch. Hazel, your face shows every
emotion you feel.”
Quinn groaned and dropped back to the mat,
resting on her knees. “Any good news?”
“You’re both getting better. Quinn, I only shot you
four times. Hazel, you’re down to eight. Yesterday, I
shot you thirteen times. I know it’s a pain in the ass to
break these habits, but it’s necessary.”
“Let’s do one more round, Hazel,” Quinn said, voice
hard. She stood and moved into position. “We have to
be better if we want to stay alive long enough to help
“Okay,” Hazel said, slowly getting to her feet. “One
more round.”
Morgan couldn’t contain his proud grin. He had
never wanted to be charged with training the crew – to
make sure they were prepared to keep themselves alive
and help others. It was a big responsibility, and he
preferred being a simple soldier.
Then Hack and Dru had asked him to be the
weapons specialist for the Blue Sparrow. Of course he
had to agree. It was Hack and Dru. Now, he had three
trainees and an ulcer.
Responsibility sucked. They were his fighters,
though, getting ready to push through their pain to get
“Look at that proud papa grin,” Alois said, fluttering
his eyes. “Now who’s cute?”
“Shut it,” Morgan said, growling. He turned back to
the women. “Get moving.”

Reviews:The Book Worm on Amazon wrote:

5 Star: Brilliant

This series just gets better and better. Full of love, laughter and some tears. I can’t recommend this book enough, the whole series in fact. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed. So looking forward to the next book

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