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The Starchild Trilogy

The Starchild Trilogy Vol 1-3

by Robert G. Williscroft

The Starchild Trilogy - Robert G. Williscroft
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 6.99
Pages: 1,508
Audiobook - SecondEdition: $ 29.95

This is a Kindle book and Audible book of all three volumes in the set.

     The Starchild Trilogy begins with building a Space Launch Loop enabling massive movement off Earth and subsequent settlement of Cislunar-Space, Mars, and beyond.

     Slingshot is the story of the struggle behind constructing the largest machine ever built stretching between Baker and Jarvis Islands in the Equatorial Pacific, and how the men and women behind Slingshot overcome the project's physical, economic, and human obstacles.

     In The Starchild Compact, a team exploring Saturn's moon Iapetus discovers it to be a derelict starship, and meets the Founders, remnants of an ancient, advanced race, the Ectarians, that arrived in the Solar System 150,000 years ago. Together, they create the Starchild Institute governed by a document they call the Starchild Compact to further develop and introduce Ectarian technology to the Solar System. Using Ectarian technology, they develop near lightspeed spacecraft, artificial wormholes, FTL starships, and human longevity.

     As human colonies expand into the Solar System, they form a governing coalition: The Iapetus Federation. While a united Islam pursues a global Jihad that rages across the planet putting millions to the sword, the Federation enables an exodus from Earth using artificial wormholes. From hand-to-hand combat in the oceans, to battles on Earth's surface, to the challenge of living off-Earth and reaching for the stars, our heroes fight to survive and to expand humankind to the far reaches of the universe.

Publisher: Starman Press
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Abandoned Place, Alien Artifacts, Aliens Among Us, Aliens in History, Ancient Astronauts, Asteroid Miner, Conspiracy, Fellowship, Immortality, Interstellar Travel, Marooned, Prophesy, Quest, Space Pilot, Undiscovered Planet
Word Count: 366200
Setting: Earth, South Pacific, Seattle, New York City, Space, Iapetus, Ceres, Daphne, L5, L4, Moon, interstellar
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Tropes: Abandoned Place, Alien Artifacts, Aliens Among Us, Aliens in History, Ancient Astronauts, Asteroid Miner, Conspiracy, Fellowship, Immortality, Interstellar Travel, Marooned, Prophesy, Quest, Space Pilot, Undiscovered Planet
Word Count: 366200
Setting: Earth, South Pacific, Seattle, New York City, Space, Iapetus, Ceres, Daphne, L5, L4, Moon, interstellar
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters



Sam Houston stood on a flat, granite-like ledge that cantilevered out over a seven-kilometer drop, his lanky frame dwarfed by his surroundings. Fifty kilometers across Coprates Chasma to the north, the opposite canyon wall rose in a series of layered rocky shelves, sharply outlined in the thin Martian atmosphere. Suddenly, Sam felt a slight tremor beneath his feet accompanied by a sharp shock that he sensed rather than heard. The large slab on which he stood dropped several meters and then tilted, throwing him forward into the void. To his right and left, the ledge disintegrated and commenced a downward slide. Despite gravity only 40% of Earth


s, it still seemed to Sam that he was falling more slowly than he expected until he realized that he and the slabs near him were falling together, gaining speed and momentum as they plunged toward the distant canyon floor.

Following his initial panicked reaction, Sam shucked his protective boot covers and tapped his big toes to activate hypergolic nozzles in the ball of each TBH Propulsion Boot. Twenty newtons of force began to slow his fall, and he tucked his knees slightly to arc himself out and away from the tumbling boulders—not enough deceleration to stop his plunge, but maybe sufficient, for Saracen to catch him.

Saracen, hark!” This was Sam’s prearranged signal to control his hyper-V craft remotely. “Locate and approach my position…match my velocity with the hatch as close to me as possible…open the hatch and scoop me up!!” The detached, rational part of his mind could hear the double exclamation point. The panicked part said, “I have perhaps a hundred seconds before I crash into the canyon floor…so hurry!”

“One hundred and two-point three seconds, actually, Sam,” the Resident onboard system quipped as Saracen’s shadow passed over Sam’s position.

The saucer-shaped craft slid in beside him, falling at the same rate as Sam. The hatch slid up, but just as Saracen began to glide toward him, a boulder half the size of the craft struck Saracen’s rim, causing it to spin away, and nudged Sam back toward the cascading rockfall only a few meters behind him. He splayed his toes in shock, extinguishing his boot jets. Because of the initial braking action of his boots, Sam was falling slower than the rocks just out of his reach. If he got sucked into the fall, he would be dead for sure. Sam tucked his knees and tapped both toes, projecting himself as far out from the rockfall as possible. He calculated thirty seconds or less before he hit the ground.

“Sam…above you!”

Sam looked up to see Saracen settling down over him, forming a protective shield. Sam continued to jet away from the falling rocks as the Resident brought the craft between him and the rocks, hatch wide open.

“Kill the jets!” the Resident commanded and slid sideways, scooping Sam into the lock with just meters to spare before he would have splashed onto the rocky surface.

With Sam inside its acceleration field, Saracen instantly reversed its direction, its field acting on everything it contained—the craft, Sam, the air, each molecule and atom, everything, and came to a hover over the central canyon floor, safely removed from the still tumbling rock. Sam waited for the pressure lock to cycle and removed his helmet and gloves. Once inside, he sat before the control console, watching in fascination as it seemed most of the canyon wall was still in motion. The leading edge of the falling rock mass smashed into a vast fan of debris left over from previous falls, about a thousand meters above the floor. Millions of tons of rock continued down the flattening fan for another five minutes, slowing as the main body of the fall crashed into the top of the fan, splitting into two branches, one pressing northward toward the western face of Nectaris Montes where it petered out at the north-western extent of that small mountain range. The other, larger branch seemed to be aimed directly at Lone Star Base, located in a partially hollowed-out, two-kilometer-high rocky mound about three kilometers from the canyon’s north wall. The mass of rock carried on for another ten minutes, finally coming to a halt a few tens of meters from the base entrance.

Reviews:Prof. John B. Roseman, Norfolk State University, Former Chairman of the Board, Horror Writers Association, Author of The Inspector of the Cross Series on Amazon reader review wrote:

Science fiction often presents alternate realities or futures, events that conceivably could happen. In his trilogy, the author presents our world's greatest machine ever, one designed to launch ships into space and progresses to an Earth where the Calliphate seeks to conquer every country, no matter how small. Men establish a colony on Mars, and we learn that Saturn's moon Iapetus is really a spacecraft inhabited by aliens. Who is to say such things won't happen? Perhaps Mr. Williscroft is right. At any rate, it's all fascinating, and I found myself pulled in from the beginning by a sense of wonder. It's one hell of a page-turner.

Just one more read on Amazon reader review wrote:

This was my first venture into the world of "hard science fiction" but it definitely won't be my last. The first book took me a while to get into, but the Amelia Earhart storyline kept me turning the pages. The second book which was my favourite of the three had me hooked and curious to see how everything would be revolved. Again, I wasn't disappointed and a few times I was creeped out by coincidences, or shall I say premonitions? of things happening in the world today. My favourite character was Jake the Cat. A well deserved 5 stars!

Dr. Dave Edlund, USA Today Bestselling Author - The Peter Savage Thrillers on Amazon reader reviews wrote:

Meticulous research lays a solid foundation for a highly entertaining series. This series follows the exploits of an intriguing cast of humans as first we make contact with an advanced race (the Ectarians) and then later we learn to live among them. In addition to hours of thoughtful entertainment and truly beautiful writing, author Williscroft also uses the narrative to explore questions of faith, religion, ultimately asking "who are we"? The many elements of science (including time travel) are based on theories that have been extensively developed by twentieth-century physicists, lending a measure of reality to this scfi tale.

Tracy Burke on Amazon reader review wrote:

What a Tremendous Read !!! I am a huge fan of Science fiction. There are elements of truth, as well as elements of reality that can be found under the umbrella of Science Fiction. I was hoping that “The Starchild Trilogy” would be interesting. It was fascinating, beyond words! The Starchild Trilogy is very inviting, fascinating, and educational. I had the opportunity to experience an allegorical sense of possibility. The Starchild Trilogy is remarkable, especially with regards to Saturn’s moon being an artifact. What a fascinating construct and concept. The author talks about a 185 year round trip; sounds like a generational ship. This is reminiscence of the “Star Trek " franchise. Of the three books, Slingshot was my favorite, particularly the technological ideologies. Dr. Williscroft is ahead of his time! I will let my two teenage daughters read the trilogies, as time permits. I am sure that they will both be amazed, and satisfied. I would recommend this trilogy to anyone who loves to read, especially for the analytical, and scientific.
Excellent authorship!

About the Author

Dr. Robert G. Williscroft is a retired submarine officer, deep-sea and saturation diver, scientist, author, and a lifelong adventurer. He spent 22 months underwater, a year in the equatorial Pacific, three years in the Arctic ice pack, and a year at the Geographic South Pole. He holds degrees in Marine Physics and Meteorology and a doctorate for developing a system to protect SCUBA divers in contaminated water. A prolific author of both non-fiction, submarine technothrillers, and hard science fiction, he lives in Centennial, Colorado.

Dr. Williscroft is a member of Colorado Author’s League, Independent Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors, Science Fiction Writers of America, Libertarian Futurist Society, Los Angeles Adventurers’ Club, Mensa, Military Officer’s Association, American Legion, and the NRA, and now spends most of his time writing his next book, speaking to various regional groups, and hanging out with the girl of his dreams, Jill, and her two cats.