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Then Raise the Dead Man High

by M L Clark

Then Raise the Dead Man High - M L Clark
ISBN: 9798366010221
Pages: 296
Pages: 296

1929. 1938. 1947.

Three days. Three decades. Three connected lives.

In a world where the voices of the dead echo among us, a student, an officer, and a prisoner in the USSR struggle with a discovery that will expand state tyranny.

Can any of them overcome their own terror, shame, and misery long enough to free the world?

About the Author

M L Clark is Canadian by birth and ancestry, but now calls Medellín, Colombia home. Clark is a writer of speculative fiction (SFWA member; short fiction published in venues including Analog, Clarkesworld, F&SF, and three year's best anthologies), along with news analysis and humanist essays for OnlySky. Clark also translates classic Colombian fiction, and keeps a newsletter, Better Worlds Theory, for all the commentary on literature, publishing, and global humanism that doesn't quite fit anywhere else.

Overarching interests, in fiction and nonfiction alike? Social contract theory, alternative justices, better engagements with history, and a whole lot more media and science literacy.

Then Raise the Dead Man High (Jan 4, 2023) is Clark's first published novel: an alt-history set in 1920s to 1940s USSR, with a speculative element that only deepens state tyranny. But most of Clark's SF draws on alien contexts to explore the messiness and abiding immaturity of our species. Look for three such examples from Sí, Hay Futuros Ediciones later in 2023: a space opera inspired by Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, a collection of short stories grappling with human trespass, and a series-opening AI detective story like nothing you've read before: starring the protagonist from a future movie franchise, brought to life in an alien amusement park after the rest of humanity was knocked off. It's going to be a great year!