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Time’s Revenge

by David Viner

Time's Revenge - David Viner
Editions:Paperback: £ 8.99
ISBN: 9781913873066
Size: 210.00 x 148.00 mm
Pages: 296
Kindle: £ 2.49
ISBN: 9781913873073

After her adventures in Time Portals of Norwich, Cassie Fox makes a promise to both her grandfather and her best friend, Georgia, never to time travel again.

So, how did she end up in the deep past with her recent memories wiped, and her time travelling abilities gone?

Is she being punished? Did she press the big red button? Will she ever see her grandfather and friends again? And what has Robert Kett and his rebellion got to do with it all?

Of more immediate concern, though, are the pains in her stomach.


About the Author

David Viner, a founding member of the Redwell Writers group (Norwich UK), has had a number of short stories published since 2007. He has edited and contributed to both Redwell Writers anthologies (published in 2017 and 2020). He uses Wattpad to showcase some of his work, including Wisdom of the Ancients (which is often at #1 in their SF category). In 2020 he published two novels, Splinters and Time Portals of Norwich. In 2021 he released a collection of short stories, Time Enough for the World to End. He is currently working on the Time Portals sequel, Time’s Revenge.