Book Three of the Dusk Eternal

by Rachael Dunn

Vicious - Rachael Dunn - The Dusk Eternal
Part of the The Dusk Eternal series:

A river turned black. A city under siege. A monster in charge. Is this what Ashira really wanted?

The desert kingdom of Khemeret has been waiting for the legendary pharaoh to return. But soon, they’ll wish he hadn’t. Ashira can remember when Hapi was just a mindless little blob who only devoured people on command. But now it thinks it’s the legendary pharaoh Nephtet-Ka and he’s laid claim on an entire city.

Lucky for the city, the citizens are all supportive of the violent new regime. Every day is a riot against the oppressive foreign empire, and Hapi’s vizier Mwarthes is delighted with every new horrifying idea his monster has. Can Ashira put a stop to the madness or will everything and everyone be devoured?

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