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Way of the Warrior: The Azreal Chronicles

by R.J. Giuffre

The Azreal Chronicles - R.J. Giuffre - Way of the Warrior
Part of the The Way of the Warrior series:
Editions:Kindle - Kindle Edition: $ 4.99
ISBN: B0B8T9K674
Pages: 111
Paperback - Paperback: $ 8.99
ISBN: 979-8843888275
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 96

Adam Drowen…

Azreal, the Onyx Knight…

His journey has been long and arduous. He gained power in death, lost his mentor, found truth in a dream, got lost in a fantasy, embraced his rage, challenged The Fates, offered compassion, crossed the line, hunted a monster, and realized that Darkness was enveloping his soul.

A Warrior’s life is not for everyone. Adventure, excitement, glory; these are not what a true Warrior desires. A Knighthood does not grant privilege, offer fame, or promise riches. It can be a hard life, full of painful choices. It is a life of service, not reward. It is a never-ending journey in search of knowledge and beauty. The Way of the Warrior is the perpetual pursuit of perfection that none will ever attain. Why would anyone choose such a life? Not everybody can; but if you wish to learn what drives someone on this ceaseless quest, then pay attention; for I am the One Arm Bandit and I have stories to tell...

Now, for the first time, ShyMuse Publishing presents the tales of Azreal, the Onyx Knight; collected in a single anthology. All ten short stories chronicling Azreal’s journey from a young Sapphire Knight to a cold-blooded killer and finally to a contemplative, stoic guardian, are now gathered together in one volume. In addition to the Best Selling Way of the Warrior short story series, this book contains never before seen artwork and concept designs.

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A Dangerous Game by R.J. Giuffre

He wasn't honest with her. He lost her trust. But The Fates intervened, and now Adam has a second chance. Can he take advantage of it? Can he win this Dangerous Game? Find out in the third installment of The Way of the Warrior series.

A Knight's Peace by R.J. Giuffre

A Knight's Peace is the exciting first story in the Way of the Warrior Series. Part of a secret race of Warriors, Azreal, the Onyx Knight, must cope with the death of his mentor, while dealing with the growing darkness within his young heart, and fight for his life while his master's funeral pyre still smolders.

A Single Strike by R.J. Giuffre

Blood for blood, razor-sharp

steel, and a promise that will go unbroken. All it will take for Death to be reborn is A Single Strike; the next exciting tale in The Way of the Warrior series.

Azreal Rising by R.J. Giuffre

Every story has a beginning. Every morning has its dawn. Every sunrise brings a sunset. And every day gives birth to a Knight. Every hero has an origin story, including the Onyx Knight, Azreal. See him die, and be reborn.

Dreams of the Knight by R.J. Giuffre

Was it a dream? A premonition? A practical joke played by The Fates? Or was it prophecy taking root? The second story of The Way of the Warrior series, Dreams of the Knight, follows Azreal, the Onyx Knight, on a journey into a world even he doesn't understand. A coincidence or a prophecy? His destiny or his destruction? Even Azreal doesn't know for sure.

Sweet Revenge by R.J. Giuffre

Is vengeance a right? Is retribution a duty? Are you required to avenge the wrongs committed against you? Continue the journey of Azreal, the Onyx Knight, in Sweet Revenge, the latest thrilling tale in the Way of the Warrior series.

The Darkness Inside by R.J. Giuffre

Every one of us carries a virus, an illness designed to kill us all; a disease called human thought that infects us with the darkness inside. The journey of the Onyx Knight comes to its climactic conclusion when he discovers The Darkness Inside.

The Road to Trust by R.J. Giuffre

How far would you go? What would you do? What lines would you cross for someone who doesn’t trust you? Azreal returns for the next story in The Way of the Warrior saga. But will he be the predator or the prey?

The Voice of Fate by R.J. Giuffre

How should we measure fate? Is a coincidence just a coincidence or is it the work of a higher power? The Voice of Fate is the fourth installment of the Way of the Warrior series., in which Azreal, the Onyx Knight must find the answer to the enigma of The Fates.

The Worth of Diamonds by R.J. Giuffre

How cruel are The Fates? Are we nothing more than their entertainment? Must we prove our value to appease them? Or does our free will dictate their actions? In the exciting fifth tale in The Way of the Warrior series, Azreal must harden himself as he undertakes a violent quest to prove himself to The Fates. Continue the journey.

About the Author

R.J.Giuffre was born in Lawrence, MA, and grew up in the Merrimack Valley area. As a child, he was struck by a drunk driver, and as a result, lost the use of his left arm. He worked tirelessly for several years to recover, and still today uses his unique brand of ingenuity to find ways to do everything in life with one hand tied behind his back. This dedication earned him the moniker “The One Arm Bandit”. He is a novelist and poet who believes that artistry, be it with words, paint, or steel, is a product of the heart and should be treated as one of nature’s finest gifts to the world. Through perseverance, dedication, and blind stubbornness, he became well acquainted with the care and use of several types of bladed weapons, including swords, knives, and axes; knowledge which he now incorporates into his writing. Though injuries now keep him from competing, he has found that sharing the Way of the Warrior through his writing fulfills his need to be the very best at what he does.

He still lives in the Merrimack Valley area with his wife, Michelle, who is a special education teacher for children with severe special needs, and the next generation of Warrior, his daughter, Paige, and son, Kaden.