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by J Tullos Hennig

Wyldingwode - J Tullos Henning - The Wode
Editions:Paperback: $ 23.99
ISBN: 978-1-951293-11-6
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 in
Pages: 398
ePub: $ 6.99
ISBN: 978-1-951293-10-9

The Green Man is lost to Sherwood Forest...
Yet the Horned Lord roams there still, and the legend grows.

Robyn Hood has vanished, and the mystic trine of the Old Religion—Archer, Maiden & Knight—has been broken. Or has it?

Rumours abound as to a hooded man wandering the Shire Wode. Marion holds both the Wode’s magical influence and the castle of Tickhill with shield, sword, and wit—not only for love of her covenant and her children, but as a weapon to bring her brother Robyn back. And Robyn’s lover, Gamelyn, plays a dangerous game with his Templar masters. They believe he has delivered the Wode’s Pagan rites to their use, all the while unaware that Gamelyn has sworn an even deeper oath: he will realise his own power and find Robyn, whatever the sacrifice.

For it is Robyn’s to wield the deepest magic of all—he is the Sacrifice, and Undying King of the Wylding Wode.

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Reviews:Susan R. Matthews wrote:

“Hennig expertly weaves the threads together in seductive, evocative prose that put me in the scene as few others have ever done… An enthralling transformation of folklore and legend into something wonderfully original from start to finish.”

About the Author

J TULLOS HENNIG likes big books.

Active in genre literature and conventions in the 70s/80s/90s, she returned to the authorial fold with the publication of a series of historical fantasy novels, and was chosen to receive the Speculative Literature Foundation’s juried Older Writers Grant.

Her award-winning historical fantasy series, The Books of the Wode, is a truly innovative re-imagining of the Robin Hood legends, with Robyn the outlaw archer as a queer, chaotic-neutral druid.