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Books Illustrated By Mark Bondurant

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Summary: It was the fall of 1892 and we were two days out of Las Palmas in the Canaries. All the passengers we ferried out of the Congo were gone, off to the aerodrome or looking for other passage to Europe, and we were just Red again, and there was no reason I should have felt that way. We escaped from the Congo, we got away. Better than got away. We had our cargo and money. We won, even though they lost. They all lost everything, even their lives. I could feel the water moving past the hull, the surge of the waves, and the blessed creaking of the mast in her step, and I knew that I was home, and my Ma and Pa were there. And Knockers. She's meowed. I could see the whole crew and even Mme. Verbeeck’s ghost standing on the ladder. She looked worried.

A Bad Crossing - Mark Bondurant - Autobiography of Calista Antoine
A Bad Crossing

Word Count: 98997

Summary: We were stranded in Brussels, practically thrown out of music school even as we first walked in the door. They wouldn't listen to anything except the newspapers and the British. "The scandal" they moaned. So we were stuck thousands of miles from home and six months until my parents return. What were we going to do? Do what we set out to do of course, go to music school - this time in Paris! But then the Institution, damn them, blew up Vic.

Paris - Mark Bondurant - Autobiography of Calista Antoine

Word Count: 197690

Summary: It’s 1892, the fourth and nastiest year of the Civil War. With war prices for some things going through the roof, there are some cargoes that are too tempting, tucked down in places too risky, and a ship captain has to weigh both if he wants to make a profit and stay afloat. Last I saw my parents, they were going to do the sugar run to Jamaica. Up in the cold North sugar cane simply doesn’t grow. You have to go where it’s warm and for us in the U.S., that means the Caribbean, which is unfortunately down next to the Confederate States of America and we have to sail right past Florida with its people doing their best to be unpleasant. I won’t kid you. It’s a dangerous run. Normally, they would have been back in port a week ago, but they’re overdue. Nothing to worry about yet – much.

Red Jacket - Mark Bondurant - Autobiography of Calista Antoine
Red Jacket

Word Count: 90681

Summary: In an America that might have been, two war orphans from a divided nation, one in the north and one in the south, meet across a vast battlefield, striking out to forge a future together in the west. It's 1892, the fourth and bloodiest year of the Civil War. The North and the South are spent, bled white with struggle across a battlefield strewn with machinery and bodies. In the west is the mother lode, Kay's legacy from her father, The Rose mine. Can they find it -- and can they leave the war behind?

The Rose of the West - Mark Bondurant
The Rose of the West