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Al Lytle

I have always loved to write, no matter the subject. Either short stories in school or writing TV episodes for my series on public access, it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. With the year 2020 throwing everyone for a loop, my very good friend and I decided to write a novel together. Our first book, Gates of Divinity: The First Light, was published January 4th,2021. We have been extremely excited to release our creation, hopefully with more to come! Cannot wait to meet more authors along the way as well!

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Word Count: 65535

Summary: After the first war in Heaven, Lucifer's defeat and banishment was all but definitive. While peace reigned for a millennium, the Father of Lies dwelled in the void of the Pits of Hell. Fueled by vengeance and blinded by his destiny during his imprisonment, Lucifer plotted against those who would stand in his way. Upon his release, Lucifer sets off a series of events that draws the attention of a handful of angels as Heaven remains skeptical of any danger. In an unsanctioned mission to thwart Lucifer's plans, a small group of angels set off on their own. Do they have the fortitude to endure Hell's forces and convince Heaven or will Lucifer threaten all of creation?

My Soul to Keep - Lynette M. Burrows - Fellowship Dystopia
Gates of Divinity: The First Light