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Andrea Lambert

Andrea Lambert writes LGBT+ paranormal fiction from the perspective of a Schizoaffective femme narrator. She is the author of Jet Set Desolate, Hollywood Hedgewitch and other books. Lambert lives in Nevada with her cats.

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Books By Andrea Lambert

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Summary: Queer horror ekphrasis. A widowed witch with Schizoaffective Disorder moves from Los Angeles to Reno, Nevada. Watching “American Horror Story,” as exposure therapy for PTSD. Identifying and departing from it at key plot moments. No copyright infringement intended. Sequel to Hollywood Hedgewitch.

Grieving Through "American Horror Story" - Andrea Lambert
Grieving Through American Horror Story

Word Count: Information not available

Summary: Los Angeles. Palm Springs. 2015. Female agency in relationship choices. A widowed writer experiences and then prioritizes queer love and ambition. Whether to be the other woman to a famous female writer? Marriage track on the Bobby-go-round? Or creative solitude in this city of decadent glamour. Sequel to Neon Hysteric.

Hollywood Hedgewitch - Andrea Lambert
Hollywood Hedgewitch