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Ann McNicol

When not writing, Ann spends her time walking with her husband, bike riding, camping, visiting with her adult children, and playing with their attention-demanding cats.

Ann grew up in South Florida, exploring local beaches and coral reefs, watching space launches, and devouring science fiction novels. She earned a Master’s degree in Zoology from the University of Queensland, and worked as a laboratory assistant in fisheries science, pharmaceutical science and virology. She has taught high school and college classes in biology, chemistry, environmental science and biotechnology.

Charlie’s Story is Anns’ first novel

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Word Count: 50000

Summary: Fourteen-year-old Samantha spends her days exploring the shallow reef behind her island home. With her world locked in a battle against rising seas, scientists deploy genetically modified corals to rebuild reefs and protect the coastline. No one expects the reefs to be a hotbed of evolution, but they are. When an octopus flows off a rock in her lagoon, Samantha is startled. When he purposefully arranges pieces of coral on the sand, trying to communicate, she is shocked. How she responds may determine the fate of life on Earth. The year is 2045, and fourteen-year-old Samantha lives in a world where ocean levels are rising, destroying coastal cities and swallowing islands. Millions of displaced people are homeless. The planet is in a climate tailspin that threatens civilization. Researchers deployed genetically modified corals that can grow in warmer waters. They aimed to sequester carbon dioxide and stabilize the climate. The successful project produced an extensive barrier reef system along the coasts of Georgia and Florida. Samantha lives on a research island off the coast of Georgia with her scientist parents. She becomes obsessed with the ocean, spending all her time exploring the reef. One day, she encounters an octopus attempting to communicate with her. The story dives deep into an exploration of species’ intelligence and the quest to save the planet.

Charlie's Story - Ann R. McNicol
Charlie’s Story