Arizona Tape

Arizona Tape, affectionately called 'Ari' by her friends and readers, is easily tempted by outlandish book ideas, bringing more awareness to the rainbow, and writing any kind of romance she can get her hands on. Dragons, princesses, or college students. Anything can happen in her books and nothing is off limits.

Ari is a USA Today Bestselling Author that loves to write all kinds of genres, but her heart belongs to F/F romance. You can find all her lesfic books under Arizona Tape.

If you're looking for something else, search A.X. Tape and you might just find it!

Ari loves:

Cooking and eating. All the food.
Reading (whenever she has time for it)
Anime. Hell yes.
Video and board games.
Mr. Plant (her cactus)
Aaaaaalll the swag.
Talking to her readers!

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