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Bard Bloom

Bard is a software engineer by day, a parent by night, and a writer of fantasy/sf books on the train between them.  Bard is as gender-free as practicable.  They live with their wife and her wife near NYC.

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Books By Bard Bloom

Word Count: 100000

Summary: Fifteen years ago, Liane's America was shaken by a magical war between elves and Moon Demons that left many human cities in flames and many people turned into monsters. It's mostly calmer now — but Liane's high school friend is turned into a cat-monster under suspicious circumstances, and then Liane herself is turned into a snake-armed girl under even more suspicious circumstances. As she investigates, she uncovers terrible secrets behind the war — and is cursed to be transformed into a woeful shape if she reveals them. Can she save her country without sacrificing her humanity and personality?

Snake-Armed Girl - Bard Bloom
Snake-Armed Girl

Bard Bloom ...

September 18, 2018

Word Count: 100000

Summary: It's finally time for Jyothky and eight other misfit adolescent dragons to go off to an unexplored, dragon-free universe and decide who will marry whom. They're astral dragons, mighty and arrogant, with devastating breath weapons and vast magical powers, and they're not even there to conquer the place. What kind of trouble could the natives possibly be — even civilized and technologically sophisticated natives? Or the mind-controlling parasite worms, or the undead god, or any of Hove's other surprises? …Maybe quite a lot of trouble, but not as much as they will bring upon themselves.

Mating Flight - Bard Bloom
Mating Flight

Bard Bloom ...

July 4, 2015