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Bob Freeman

Anaerobic Microbiologist exploring Lignin Degradation.

Public Health Microbiologist/Lab Director, playing with all of the deadly, infectious organisms of the time.

Software Designer (Laboratory Information Systems)

A writer of an untold number of protocols, procedures, and instructional scientific manuals considered by many to be SciFi.

Builder and welder of many poorly designed devices and structures.

Owned by numerous Australian shepherds over the years.

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Books By Bob Freeman

Word Count: 81000

Summary: H2LiftShips Anti-Dystopian SciFi Sentients beyond the next 3 pandemics SolarSails, nuclear boosts, coal for steel No aliens, but an Octopus 1st Mate No blasters, but spinning meat bola weapon

H2Liftships - Bob Freeman
H2LiftShips, a tech manual for a future