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Carol Ryles

Carol Ryles began her professional life as a registered nurse and then moved to Hainan Island, China, where she worked in occupational health, learned Mandarin and tutored English at various institutions. She now holds a BA in English (Hons 1) and a PhD focussing on the process of writing in the sub-genre of steampunk.

She is a graduate of Clarion West 2008, and has worked as a Steering Committee member and editorial consultant for Trove (renamed Tenderfoot) an online journal of creative arts from The University of Western Australia. Her stories have appeared in a number of Australian publications including Eidolon 1, Aurealis #145 and The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy Horror (2013).

When not writing, Carol enjoys the art of quilting and is also turning her backyard into a forest.


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Books By Carol Ryles

Word Count: 120000

Summary: A woman with the strength to rebel. A shapeshifter who wears the souls of the dead. Together, they face a lethal enemy. Em helped create it. Now she must craft its defeat. In a city owned by industrialists, Em sells her magic to make ends meet. The extraction procedure is brutal and potentially deadly. Desperate for change, she joins an underground resistance movement to weaponize her magic and stop the abuse of workers. Meanwhile, a mysterious voice wakes Ruk from a decades long slumber and compels him to become human. He wants to break free but is torn between his shapeshifter instincts and the needs of the soul that sustains him. On streets haunted by outcasts and predatory automatons, a new danger emerges – an ever-growing corruption of magic and science. Em and Ruk must put aside their differences and pursue it – each for their own reasons. What they discover will forever change their lives… Or end them. The Eternal Machine is set in a 19th Century alternative reality Australian city, where magic and science are equally valid disciplines.

The Eternal Machine - Carol Ryles
The Eternal Machine