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Christy Nicholas

Celtic Fairies, Fables, and Folklore!

Christy Nicholas loves all things historical, especially if it has anything to do with Ireland, Scotland, England, or Iceland, and she writes historical fantasy, travel guides, and a book on writing craft. Her tales tend to the gritty, with bittersweet endings, and she is never afraid to torture her characters. But there is beauty in all darkness, and she loves showing that, as well.

- If you are in the mood for something more scifi, check out her C. N. Jackson book, Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd.

- If you are looking for some urban fantasy, magical adventure in modern Ireland, see her Rowan Dillon series, Guardians of the PHAE.

- If you prefer some timeslip romance in Iceland, or a women's fiction based on her parents' true story, go look at her Emeline Rhys books, Past Storm and Fire or Better To Have Loved.


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Books By Christy Nicholas

Series: Guardians of the PHAE

Word Count: 89000

Summary: The magnetic poles have shifted. Powers ignite in their veins. But are their emerging Unhidden talents strong enough to defend them from annihilation? Anna Taylor is barely holding her anxiety at bay. With scales growing on her body and shocking magic now at her command, the teacher flees after being outed by a student and attacked by an angry mob. And after arriving at a safehouse on a farm in Ireland for training and protection, she feels unprepared for her first mission to neutralize an explosive threat. Vietnam vet Maximilian Hurley subdues his demons with drink. So when an Unhidden agent comes to Australia to recruit him, and a fire mysteriously destroys his plane, the troubled pilot doesn’t have much to lose. Teaming up with Anna, the tough-talking Aussie battles through his PTSD as they save Cork from a devastating bombing. As the group of talents grows to a core crew of six, Anna and Max discover there’s little peace as a coalition of xenophobic extremists rises against those with Unhidden Blood. And now their combined powers might be the only thing standing in the way of their total extermination… Can Anna, Max, and the squad stem a tsunami of chaos and death? Taming of the Few is the first book in the Guardians of PHAE Irish urban fantasy series. If you like snarky banter, spectacular world-building, and nail-biting tension, then you’ll love Rowan Dillon’s urban fantasy adventure. Buy Taming of the Few to defend a powerful destiny today!

Taming of the Few - Rowan Dillon - Guardians of Phae
Taming of the Few

Series: The Druid's Brooch Series

Word Count: 93000

Summary: When the magical secrets of The Emerald Isle beckon, will she survive answering the call? Pittsburgh, 1846. Valentia McDowell wishes she could rest. Plagued by nightmares of her grandmother’s mysterious brooch lost in Ireland, the well-off woman grows more troubled when a fire ravages her family’s business. But as she buries herself in the rebuilding efforts, she can’t shake the sense that a powerful inheritance awaits her across the ocean… if she can weather the treacherous journey. Horrified when the voyage claims her brother’s life and afflicts her with malaria, Valentia believes her grief will be for nothing if she returns from the famine-struck island empty-handed. But as she nears her gran’s birthplace and the last known location of the heirloom, the determined woman draws ever closer to a force beyond her imagination… and a battalion of deadly danger. Can Valentia uphold a destiny she doesn’t yet understand without losing everyone she loves? Legacy of Hunger is the sweeping first book in The Druid's Brooch historical fantasy series. If you like compelling female characters, immersive authenticity, and a dash of magic, then you’ll love Christy Nicholas’s transatlantic quest. Buy Legacy of Hunger to trace a family treasure today!

Legacy of Hunger - Christy Nicholas - Druid's Brooch
Legacy of Hunger

Series: Toronto Time Agents

Word Count: 86000

Summary: No matter where the watch hands turn, she’d rather remain home. But with every time-traveling trekker’s life at stake, can she stop a deadly clock? Wilda Firestone survives off black coffee and white-hot sarcasm. And despite the colorful slew of characters filing through her time tourism costume shop, the retired First Nations Temporal Agent would prefer a quiet, more linear existence. So she’s less than impressed when a dying explorer crashes into her store, unleashing a plague that sends countless travelers to an early doom…   Knowing her own lengthy history of chronological excursions grants her some immunity, Wilda vows to jump back in the saddle and seek out answers. But as she retraces the dead man’s steps from 14th century Mali and into 12th century Scotland and beyond, she’s dumbfounded by whatever force reduced an entire village to blood.   Can Wilda stamp out the root of the sickness before she too succumbs?   Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. is the intriguing first book in the Toronto Time Agents science fiction series. If you like feisty heroines, beautiful landscapes, and astounding adventures, then you’ll love C. N. Jackson's explosive tale.   Buy Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. to race against the bell today!

Time Tourist Outfitters - C.N. Jackson
Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd.