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Dan Waters

Dan Waters is a 30-something year old academic born and raised in the New England area. When not being a gay uncle or a writer of the perverse dark arts, he works as a Historian for various organizations and municipalities. History, archaeology, and archiving are his specialties outside of writing about blowjobs.

As an artist his mediums have primarily been film and photography, but he has returned to his true love of writing. In his works expect queerness, mixed characters, tropes, non-English speaking characters, mystery, trans & non-binary people, and about 20% swearing.

Oh, and there will always, always, be a Happily Ever After.

P.S: always cite your work

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Word Count: 81300

Summary: Explore the world of the X-Terra Federation located in a galaxy distant from Earth. One a nobleman, Reis Kith has rejected his title in favor of serving his community as an Investigator. After a string of murders where all the victims are slaves, Reis has taken lead on the case. The mysterious murders are putting the people in the Capitol City of Ruish on edge, and the Queen has tasked Reis with the unthinkable: team up with a human thief. Carter Maldin, a human from an ex-Earth colony named Terra, has been languishing in a permanent house arrest for a year and a half. His crime? He broke into the Royal Palace on Xenias. His skill in technology and his quick wit are unparalleled, which makes him the perfect partner to help solve the crime. He’s offered a complete pardon in exchange for his help, and Carter jumps at the chance for freedom. The catch? He has to pretend to be a slave. Can Carter and Reis reconcile their differences and indulge in their mutual attraction all while solving the case? How many more victims will the murderer rack up before they are caught? Find out in In His Service, Book 1 of The Maldin Chronicles.

In His Service - Dan Waters
In His Service

Dan Waters ...

November 29, 2019