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Dianne Astle

Dianne was once asked what kind of animal she would like to be. The person who asked the question was shocked when Dianne said she’d like to be a dragon.

There are times in everyone’s life when being able to fly high and breathe fire sounds very appealing. However, if you can’t be a dragon, or have a dragon as a pet, then the next best thing is to write books with dragons in them and get a dog.

Dianne lives with her husband Doug, his two cats, and her two dogs. When Dianne is not writing fiction or walking her dogs, she can be found sitting at her potter’s wheel or hanging out with the folk at Hope United Church where she is engaged in part-time ministry.

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Ben the Dragonborn - Diane Astle
Ben the Dragonborn

Dianne Astle ...

November 4, 2013