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Lancer Kind

Lancer Kind is an American science fiction author who has lived in many different places: the cowboy country of Montana where wild deer are more numerous than people, among the tall mountain peaks of Colorado (and skied down a mountain 4,800 meters tall), and the island of Xiamen China (palm trees, beaches, and chopsticks).

Books By Lancer Kind

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Summary: SciFi Thoughts will tease and tantalize your mind with this genre from the future with short, laser focused episodes. SciFi has many dozens of sub genres with different story telling styles which attempt to bring new possibilities into how you see the world. Our mission is to expand what science fiction means to you by exploring this genre that is diverse as the stars in the sky. SciFi thoughts will, like the James Web Telescope, draw focus on a discovery and tantalize you with thoughts on movies and literature through intelligent and engaging discussion.

Lancer Kind's Sci Gi Thoughts
Lancer Kind's Sci-Fi Thoughts

Word Count: 8000

Summary: "If Lancer Kind's MEMORY'S VICTIMS doesn't raise your hackles, you'd better have them checked." ―Harry Turtledove Not even hate could last a thousand years. This is what most thought when generation starships started arriving at New Terra. Surely those who voyaged for a millennia from old Earth would have acquired a millennia of perspective and a measure of forgiveness. But Arcadia grew up on such a ship and daily he was reminded that their enemies had stolen the gravestones of his people to build latrines. The strife they fled on Earth resurfaces starting with the murder of Arcadie’s sister. Then the mysterious disappearances of other generation ships leads Arcadie to suspect someone close to him is killing his people. Follow Arcadie’s life from growing up on a generation ship to joining the ranks of New Terra’s Space Force in this forty page novelette about the dawn of interstellar travel in asteroid ships that require many hundreds of years to travel to Earth-like planets.

Memory's Victims - Lancer Kind
Memory's Victims

Word Count: 16200

Summary: “Lancer Kind takes F Scott Fitzgerald's sensibility and gives it backbone.” “Completely convincing passing details about life in Mesopotamia, 30,000 years ago...” Betrayal not just by one individual, but his whole tribe. This is what fourteen-year-old Akiya faces when the Elders force him to leave and friends drive him away with branches and rocks. Despite this, when strangers from afar arrive with magic that inspires Mesopotamian youth to leave their peoples, Akiya wants to help those he love. First, learn the stranger’s magic, he decides. Master it; then his people must welcome him back. But magic this powerful carries with it many troubles.

Caveman Funk - Lancer Kind
Caveman Funk

Word Count: 14800

Summary: Won Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest. “… refreshing and dynamic take on the cyberpunk genus.” Lancer Kind splices cyberpunk with Hawaiian culture in this novelette length tale (roughly 70 paperback pages). Global warming’s legacy has put part of Honolulu underwater and forced the erection of seawalls. Nafi has given up professional surfing for a stable path to home ownership—working security at a pineapple research facility. A beautiful woman named Lina throws herself at him, and following an after-hours tour of his workplace, she leaves him dazed in a lap-dance’s afterglow to smuggle pineapple samples. Nafi stops her and she accuses him of abetting a conspiracy to engineer a virus that will wipeout the island’s entire pineapple crop. Although he thinks she’s crazy, within hours a security guard is murdered and an infamous epidemiologist turns up. While Nafi pieces together why a plantation would destroy its own crop, he and Lina must flee a coverup that requires them dead.

Honolulu Hottie - Lancer Kind
Honolulu Hottie