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Matthew Buscemi

Matthew Buscemi is the author of numerous novels and short stories. His work has been a semi-finalist for the Cygnus Award. In addition to writing, he is also a professional software engineer, a freelance typographer and book designer, and an avid reader of fiction of all varieties. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his husband.

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For over a century, the Reclamation's technology has kept an ancient enemy at bay. That is about to change. Three generations ago, humanity was nearly mutated out of recognition by a group of technological accelerationists. With the help of visitors from a parallel universe, the surviving humans were able to construct walls capable of repulsing their enemy, and established the country known as the Reclamation. But in the here and now, the citizens of the Reclamation are divided. Does their continued safety depend upon establishing a dialogue with the ancient enemy, or upon bolstering their defenses even further? When a boy appears inside the Reclamation's walls, seemingly human but certainly originating from outside, debate becomes outright conflict, one which, if addressed wrongly, has the potential to end Reclamation civilization.

The Other - Matthew Buscemi
The Other

Matthew Buscemi ...

April 24, 2020