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Nathaniel Henderson

Nathaniel Henderson grew up in Oklahoma before packing up to attend university in California. After studying computer animation and screenplay writing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, he kept going west, all the way to South Korea to teach English. He finally landed in Tokyo, Japan, where he currently lives, writes, and works.

When not writing, Nathaniel enjoys traveling, reading, gaming (console/computer/tabletop), camping, self-deprecating humor, and merrymaking.

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Books By Nathaniel Henderson

Word Count: 139,000

Summary: In a condemned hotel, an intelligence operation to retrieve a DNA-altering bioweapon goes horribly wrong, sparking a scandal that could bring down an agency ... and a city along with it. Adasha Denali resolves disputes for Naion—using words, not weapons. But with her agency under fire and her mentor fed to the wolves, she’ll have to get her hands dirty. Racing to discover who’s undermining Naion’s security and why, Adasha runs headlong into corporate mercs, an engineered spy, and a man losing his mind to a new form of intelligence. Meanwhile, the once-great immersion hacker Neon Nik is on the ugly side of broke, struggling to pay off circling loan sharks. When he inherits a piece of advanced tech that throws him into Adasha’s path, threats of dismemberment become the least of his problems. Now he’s got a vortex of hired killers on his heels and a decision to make: sell out or suit up.

Centricity - Nathaniel Henderson - Centricity Cycle