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Natsuya Uesugi

Natsuya Uesugi, by day, is a systems analyst who has designed aerospace, semiconductor, and financial systems. With an MBA in International Management and a minor in Japanese, Natsuya uses his Japanese, Black, and Native American heritage to paint his stories keeping an eye on diversity.

By night, Natsuya is an author and manga artist weaving stories in his dystopian cyberpunk "grydscaen" novel series, his dark fantasy trilogy "The Seer of Grace and Fire," and his contemporary yaoi novellas and manga "graphic noiz."

He studied animation and game design at the Art Institute of Phoenix, and graphic design at The New School for Social Research in New York City where he learned traditional animation fueling his childhood dream of creating manga. To date he has written and illustrated "A Storm's Coming" manga set in the grydscaen universe, and two manga in the "graphic noiz" series.  He also works as art director for the "A Storm's Coming" anime about an LGBT homeless youth which won the "Creative Conscience Award" for addressing gay teen homelessness.

He enjoys skydiving, cosplay, World Cup futbol, reading manga, watching French news, eating ramen and anything with matcha, watching anime in Japanese, and writing poetry.

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Books By Natsuya Uesugi

Word Count: Information not available

Summary: The nineteen year old, amateur manga artist Noiz is partnering with bestselling science fiction writer Shiro Ijima to create the Fissure manga. As work on the manga continues at a fever pitch to meet the publisher’s deadline, the writer persists on teasing the artist making subtle advances then pulling back harshly. Shiro’s aloofness only feeds the insecure artist's attraction. When Noiz is beaten by punks for being gay, the encounter sends Shiro to the streets of New York City fueled by a past addiction that ends up ruining his reputation. A depressed Shiro seeks out his former mentor, Katsuhiro Watanabe, but it comes with a price bringing back bad memories, manipulation and lies. Can a jealous Noiz finish illustrating the next chapter of the Fissure manga by the deadline without destroying his relationship with Shiro now that Katsuhiro has returned?

Graphic Noiz the Manga 2 - Natsuya Uesugi
graphic noiz manga 2

Natsuya Uesugi ...

December 7, 2017

Word Count: 50,699

Summary: Shiro Ijima, the bestselling writer of the SciFi Fissure novels is finding it hard to start writing his next book, Fissure 5 with all the drama created by his lover Noiz, the amateur manga artist. After Shiro’s editor Megumi Ito quits because Shiro is behind on his writing deliverables, Shiro has to rely on his agent Keita Shimura to get his editor back on board. With the Fissure 5 deadline pushed back twice, the publisher is angry. As Noiz starts working on the Fissure manga once again, Keita takes Shiro out for a night of drinking to get the writer back on track. One thing leads to another and Keita ends up at Shiro’s condo. Noiz is confused causing an emotional rollercoaster that affects Shiro’s writing. Can Shiro finish the manuscript by the deadline before the publisher terminates his book deal? Find out in the next volume of the graphic noiz yaoi series.

Graphic Noiz 5 - Natsuya Uesugi
graphic noiz 5

Natsuya Uesugi ...

April 24, 2017

Word Count: 45000

Summary: Shiro Ijima, the bestselling author is competing for the prestigious Hatsuko Award with his latest book Fissure 4. When Katsuhiro appears at the awards ceremony to announce the winner, Shiro is once again controlled by his former mentor’s manipulation. Angered, Shiro takes revenge confessing his love for Noiz on live television. Katsuhiro retaliates sending punks to attack Shiro and ransack his condo, then announces on the news that Shiro is marrying Ai Amena, the owner of the Apple Inu clothing line. Unable to see a way out of the marriage to Ai, Shiro proposes to Noiz. Encouraged to escape New York City and vacation in Scarsdale, Shiro takes Noiz to his childhood home continuing to exploit the amateur manga artist. When Julia, Shiro's older sister shows up with a group of women for Ai’s bridal shower and Shiro’s father arrives from Japan, things spiral out of control. Will Shiro marry Ai and be forced to leave Noiz, the one he truly loves behind? Find out in the harrowing fourth volume of the yaoi series, graphic noiz.

Graphic Noiz #4 - Natsuya Uesugi
graphic noiz 4

Natsuya Uesugi ...

March 16, 2017

Word Count: 35000

Summary: Shiro Ijima, the bestselling author, has been working with the amateur manga artist Noiz on the Fissure manga. Photos of Shiro kissing Noiz at an art gallery are all over the tabloids. When Noiz is attacked for being gay, Shiro has flashbacks of the abuse by his mentor and experiences writer's block descending into a past addiction. Keita, Shiro's agent, has to save Shiro's reputation with the Fissure book 4 release date fast approaching. Hoping to save his career, Shiro arranges a charity gallery show for Noiz but when a mystery man appears at the gallery, Shiro is confronted by past demons and descends once more into the abuse which destroyed his career as the manga artist for Dawn five years ago. With his career at stake, Shiro must rely on his older sister Julia to clean up the mess. Or is there another way? Can Shiro save his writing career without drawing Noiz into the chaos? Find out more in graphic noiz: book 3.

Graphic Noiz #3 - Natsuya Uesugi
graphic noiz 3

Natsuya Uesugi ...

February 16, 2017

Word Count: Information not available

Summary: Noiz is a 19 year old amateur manga artist scouted at ComicCon. Winning the contract to do the artwork for the manga adaptation of the scifi Fissure novels by bestselling author Shiro Ijima, Noiz starts work on illustrating chapter 1 of the manga. Asked suddenly by Shiro's agent, Keita to take the finished artwork to Shiro for review, the writer looks over the pages then starts flirting with Noiz. Known for his reputation of flirting with his female fans, Shiro's actions are confusing to Noiz. What are the writer's intentions? Julia Ijima, Shiro's older sister has been plotting for months planning an arranged marriage and has picked fashion designer Ai Amena to be Shiro's wife. Julia wants Shiro to settle down and stop flirting with his female fans but Shiro wants nothing to do with her arranged marriage. Plotting his own game to anger Julia and stop her plans, Shiro enlists an unsuspecting Noiz for his scheme all the while leading Noiz on without stating his true intentions. Jade, Shiro's transgender little sister gets into the mix to help execute the plan. Follow the story of Noiz and Shiro as they work on the Fissure manga in the first volume of the graphic noiz manga.

Graphic Noize the Manga - Natsuya Uesugi
graphic noiz manga 1

Natsuya Uesugi ...

February 9, 2017

Word Count: 32000

Summary: Noiz is a 19 year old manga artist straight out of art school who created his own manga, Disaster Code. Scouted at ComicCon by Keita Shimura, agent to bestselling author Shiro Ijima, creator of the scifi Fissure series, Noiz won the contract to be the artist for the Fissure manga. With work started on the manga, Noiz finds himself being pursued by Shiro but not only for his art. Shiro seems to be flirting but Noiz can’t seem to pin down the writer’s motives. Is the writer just trying to ensure the art gets done or is there some other game being played? Shiro toys with Noiz’ emotions giving him signals but then pulling back. After Shiro reveals part of his past, as the writer and artist for the manga Dawn, Noiz learns that there is a dark secret to Shiro’s constant womanizing and why he dates his female fans. Can Noiz keep Shiro engaged so he can reveal that he has feelings for the writer? Or will Julia, Shiro’s older sister, force him into an arranged marriage with Ai Amena? Ai is a powerful fashion desiger and could ruin Shiro’s reputation if he doesn’t handle her correctly. Julia wants Shiro to settle down and think about the Ijima family name but Shiro has other ideas. Find out how Shiro handles his family while pursuing Noiz in the second volume of the yaoi series, graphic noiz.

Graphic Noiz #2 - Natsuya Uesugi
graphic noiz 2

Natsuya Uesugi ...

February 6, 2017

Word Count: 32860

Summary: Noiz is 19, an illustrator who just graduated from art school and created his first manga entitled Disaster Code. He is excited to be showing his work at a comic convention in New York City. He eagerly sets up his table at the con but when no one stops by on the first day he gets discouraged. The famous writer Shiro Ijima is at the con signing books in his bestselling scifi Fissure series. Shiro wanders the aisles in Artist Alley on a break and runs across Noiz' table. Shiro seems intrigued with Noiz' art and walks away only to have his agent come over and inquire. A cat and mouse game starts as Keita, Shiro's agent tempts Noiz trying to see if he will bite on a project to turn Shiro's bestselling, scifi thriller Fissure volume 1 into a manga. Keita wants to use Noiz to have the work cost less weighing the risk of using an amateur manga artist instead of a well established one. Noiz realizes that his work looks like an old out of print manga called Dawn that Shiro drew eight years ago and initially published in Japan but Shiro is not a mangaka any longer due to a tragedy that occurred when he was just starting out. Keita has Shiro play games with Noiz getting him anxious to start the collaboration. Shiro is a womanizer who goes on lavish dates with his female fans then dumps them cruelly on the second date. He is snobbish and aloof but his fans love him for it. However, Shiro seems to be taking an interest in Noiz for reasons other than just his art. Follow the antics of a naïve manga artist and the arrogant bestselling writer as they plan to start the Fissure manga project in graphic noiz #1, the first volume of a YA yaoi series.

Graphic Noiz - Natsuya Uesugi
graphic noiz

Natsuya Uesugi ...

January 6, 2017

Word Count: Information not available

Summary: Lino Dejarre is the son of the Viceroy of the Pacific Territories. A graphic design student at art college, he has the normal drama of college life - relationships, classes, exams. But Lino is different, he has psychic power which he doesn't want anyone to know about. One day he gets a letter from the Psi Faction, a government run military organization asking him to a recruitment meeting. He undergoes a battery of psychic tests to see if he qualifies for the program. Should he take the position? If he is recruited he will have to give up everything he knows. Will he leave his best friend, what about his cousin or his actor boyfriend? Is he mature enough to graduate from college early and join the elite psychic force, called the Psi:Ko. Find out in grydscaen: utopia, the prequel to grydscaen: beginnings.

Grydscaen Utopia - Natsuya Uesugi
grydscaen: utopia

Natsuya Uesugi ...

October 17, 2013