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Regina Glei

About Regina Glei

"Nothing is as interesting as other people's problems."

That's the overall motto of Regina's speculative fiction.
Regina Glei was born in Germany but nourished a fascination for the Far East ever since she was a little girl. A graduate in Japanese Studies, she has resided and worked in Japan for more than fifteen years.

Living far away from her home country has been a powerful influence on her fiction, which she describes as speculative and sometimes weird...

You can find news about Regina and links to her "Dome of Souls" Science Fiction series, her contemporary fantasy trilogy starring the alchemist Hagen Patterson, her contemporary fantasy novella "Lord of Water", and her SF novella "The Glow of the Dark", along with various short stories on her website:
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Books By Regina Glei

Word Count: 90000

Summary: Arion and Jamie are the first humans in over two thousand years to set foot on Bahrein. They quickly discover that the horrid "purification" movement, led by the House of Kol, still rules the Bahreinian people with an iron fist. However, the opposition’s leader, Lord Reeba of Mar, who hopes to win the upcoming elections against the House of Kol, welcomes the delegation from New Earth as his guests. While renegades around the first Bahrein who sees the Dome of Souls abduct Arion, Jamie befriends a mysterious, artificially produced Bahrein whose powers of mental energy and empathy are off the scale. Before they know it, the two humans are deep inside Bahreinian high politics, and come to realize they could play a part in Lord Reeba toppling the almighty House of Kol.

The Holy Void - Regina Glei - Dome of Souls
The Holy Void

Regina Glei ...

August 29, 2020

Word Count: 110000

Summary: Earth's controlled environment is failing, and humanity's last hope lies with New Earth, the planet the Keepers of Jeronimo and their followers fled to a thousand years ago. One ship of the 81 that were sent, the Red Angel 42, finds New Earth and sends the happy message home once reaching orbit. Humanity's survival is ensured, or so they think. Captain Sumari's crew will have two years to prepare what they can for the arrival of colonists. Once planetside, Captain Sumari and his crew make contact with the descendants of the Jeronimo loyals only to discover they have no machines, no metal, and no memory of their ancestors... or Earth. The only one not surprised to see them is a young woman named Nimo. She sees millions of people in the Dome of Souls - an entity bestowing revelations both personal and powerful to a chosen few - and so is quite open to the strangers' arrival. Nimo quickly finds herself torn between her people and the Earthlings, and becomes entangled in the fight for survival Sumari and his crew face against the hazards of the new planet and Nimo's superstitious people.

Red Angel 42 - Regina Glei - Dome of Souls
Red Angel 42

Regina Glei ...

July 13, 2019

Word Count: 90000


From the ashes of the Times of Anarchy, after the near destruction of Earth, rose the system of Jeronimo. It gives the people food, shelter and stability, but keeps them under tight control, erasing everyone who does not conform with the system.

Jiro strove to become one of the 72 Keepers of Earth after he received a “Dome” revelation, keeping secret what the “Dome of Souls” -- an entity bestowing revelations both personal and powerful -- showed him. Now that he is a Keeper, he has the power to change things.

Never did the Keepers of Jeronimo think that one of their own would turn against them. They do not understand why Jiro revolts. A Keeper already has everything. Except for one thing: freedom.

Jeronimo - Regina Glei - Jeronimo

Regina Glei ...

August 19, 2017

Word Count: Information not available

Summary: “It is the little things that bind us” – Darryl, lead guru of the White Cloud Sect. Floyd Takashimoto sits amidst a collection of little things that might lead to the destruction of Earth. It’s the explosive mix of people he calls friends. Darnar, for example, is the unscrupulous Master of the almighty Drug Guild of Tonasa, relentless in his acquisition of power. Marusar is an emotionally unstable “Dome Child” who suffers from her extraordinary gift to see the Dome of Souls, which bestows life- or world-changing revelations. There is Lofgar, an alien from Bahrein, whose mission is to obtain “Counter-Space” technology for interstellar travel that only humans possess. Floyd also meets Zero, the self-proclaimed leader of the poorest of the poor, who survive at the bottom of the “air streets”, dreaming of a life in the luxury of Tonasa’s skyscrapers. Floyd, a hapless nobody from the Politician Guild, is caught within the schemes and needs of these disparate friends. Unwittingly, he becomes pivotal in the play for world-dominance or world destruction by the “unalmatium” bombs. In the end, only Floyd can decide the fate of the Earth.

The Anatomy of Anarchy - Regina Glei - Dome of Souls
The Anatomy of Anarchy

Regina Glei ...

August 2, 2016

Word Count: 100000

Summary: Jove Hendricks wishes he had never moved to Shangbei: it’s too hot and humid and the religious conflicts are even more intense than in his hometown Hamberwa. Soon war looms in this post-robot-apocalypse world of church politics and intrigue. Jove’s boss, the Grand Priestess of the Good Faith sect, teams up with her allies against the Mukol doomsday faith, which promises relief from worldly misery by destroying the cause of all human suffering: the earth itself. On top of the political bickering, Jove suffers from a recurring nightmare in which he sees a place he dubbed the “Dome of Souls” – a giant hall where he lies immobile and suspended in thin air among billions of people. One night, the Dome gives Jove a four-word message that can save the world. Trouble is, he doesn’t understand what “Lenny escaped and survived” means. The only one who does is Grand Priest Shavendra, the head of the Mukol doomsday cult that wants to destroy the planet.

Dome Child - Regina Glei
Dome Child

Regina Glei ...

October 17, 2011