Riley S. Keene

Riley S. Keene is actually the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing duo, also known as Robert and Kristen. They used to live in the Pacific Northwest and enjoyed the rainstorms, lack of sunlight, and excess oxygen that come with living in that part of the US... but now they're on the East Coast again. Why is it so hot?

Robert is a Pacific Northwest native who has a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences. He has a love for video games and a dislike for pretty much everything else. Robert is in charge of writing the first draft for all of our books.

Kristen was born and raised in a town outside of Philadelphia. They have a degree in Multimedia Design and works full-time as a writer for an education company. They are a bisexual non-binary person who loves gloomy weather, good books, food made from animals, and spending time with Robert. Kristen is in charge of outlining and editing for all of our books.

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