Thomas M. Kane

Thomas M. Kane lives high on a wooded hilltop. He taught international relations at a British university for close to twenty years and brings his insights concerning real-life war and politics into his fiction. His Mara of the League series tells the story of an introspective little girl growing up amidst the intrigue of a low fantasy world. Mara's story begins with The Witches of Crannock Dale and continues in The Rebels of Caer City. A third book, The Hideous Garden, will come out in autumn 2020. The fourth and final book, The Rending of the World, is scheduled for spring/summer 2021.

Thomas M. Kane has also published eight non-fiction academic books, nineteen gaming-related books and over 100 shorter pieces. Selected gaming titles include GURPS Egypt, GURPS China, GURPS Espionage, the Ars Magica sourcebook South of the Sun, the Cyberpunk adventure The Osiris Chip and the Shadowrun adventure Ivy and Chrome. Selected non-fiction titles include: Strategy: Key Thinkers, Ancient China on Postmodern War, Chinese Grand Strategy and Maritime Power, Military Logistics and Strategic Performance and (co-authored with Dr. David Lonsdale) Understanding Contemporary Strategy.

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