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Yasser Bahjatt

A technologist & futurist who is the first Saudi to ever go to Singularity University's Graduate Study Program where he was the lead engineer on the Matternet project.
He has a BS in Computer Engineering from King Abdulaziz University.

Yasser is an active member of the TED community as he was the first to translate TED talks through the open translation project to Arabic and was also the #1 most active TED translator for a period of time. He was the organizer or co-organizer of several TEDx events including TEDxArabia, TEDxJeddah, TEDxKAU & TEDxUQU.

Yasser's talk at TED@Doha about the relationship between SciFi and Scientific development announced the launch of Yatakhayaloon (Arabic for "They are Imagining"), an initiative to kick start the Arabian contemporary SciFi culture, in a 20 year experiment to prove that SciFi growth results in Scientific development growth.

His novel Yaqteenya is the first ever Arabian alternate history novel. He also co-authored the English edition of the two Arabian best sellers HWJN, Somewhere & Binyameen.

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Books By Yasser Bahjatt

Published by Yatakhayaloon

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Summary: The first ever alternative history written in Arabic. Yaqteenya is facing its first civil war, To save it from it self, Al-Baz needs to brake its #1 law and leave Yaqteenay to find answers about the truth that the rulers of the land.

Yaqteenya - Yasser Bahjatt
Yaqteenya: The Old World