WRITER FUEL: Rogue Black Holes at the Edge of the Milky Way?

Black Hole - Pixabay

We’re launching a brand new feature on Liminal Fiction – “Writer Fuel – cool real-world stories that might inspire your little writer heart. Today: 

An enormous number of rogue supermassive black holes may be wandering around the universe, new simulations find.

In fact, wandering giant black holes may account for a whopping 10% of the nearby universe’s black hole mass “‘budget,'” the research finds. This means that galaxies like our own could have an average of 12 invisible behemoths prowling around their outskirts, gobbling up anything that gets in their way.

According to the study researchers, because the number of black holes increases the more mass there is in the outer “halo” of material that surrounds galaxies, clusters of galaxies, which have heavy halos, could have even more of the ravenous wanderers.

Full Story From Live Science


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