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We’d love to have you as a Liminal Fiction author member. There are all kinds of benefits to becoming a part of

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For the first four months of 2022, we’re offering our basic level (up to five books) free! And even better, we’ll add an extra year to any level!

The Rates

We charge a flat fee annually to cover our costs for development and maintenance of the site. The fee is based on the number of active books you list at one time:

  • 1-5 books: $20 per year FREE for 2 years!
  • 6-15 books: $40 per year $20 for 2 years*
  • 16-30 books: $60 per year $40 for 2 years*
  • 31-50 books: $80 per year $60 for 2 years*
  • 51-75 books: $100 per year $80 for 2 years*
  • 76-105 books: $120 per year $100 for years*
  • 106-140 books: $140 per year $120 for years*
  • 141+ books: contact us

*Extra year added on back end when we process your order.

Need to Upgrade?

You can also upgrade at any time during the year for $20 – the difference between levels – for the rest of your term.

The How-To File

We’ve put together a how to manual for sign-up and book entry:

Author Instructions – Open Or Download First

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