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The Last Warrior – Astrid V.J.

Cynthia has struggled for years against the powers guiding her life. She wants to take back control. She wants the freedom to marry a man she loves and, more than anything, she wants to live up to the expectation she’s been saddled with. In her own mind she is far from worthy of being the head healer of her people. Can she overcome her self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy? Can she expand her awareness and become kinder to herself? Or will she allow everything that ever brought her happiness to slip through her grasp and turn to ashes?

TheLast Warrior is one of The Wordmage’s Tales, accompanying The Apprentice Storyteller. The apprentice has learned from master storyteller, Viola Alerion, and now he performs these classic tales from the Haldrian Empire in his own right.

Green Hills and Fairy Bells – Celyn Kendrick

Stewart Rygby and Michael Dougal look forward to a new chapter in a new lifetime together, but the waiting is driving them mad. It also doesn’t help that Stewart’s mother is prone to random outbursts of poetry punctuated by the pealing of bells in the local fairy village.

While visiting Michael in Scotland, Stewart also gets to meet his fiancé’s cousin and the future mother of their children—Shannon Anderson. After getting dumped by her girlfriend of ten years by sticky note, she’s sick of pretences and vows to live life differently and by her own rules.

Meanwhile, back in Llwyncudd, there’s a new vicar in town. Father Aron Lewis tries to look at retirement and the odd turn his life has taken as a positive—and one quite possibly fated by God. But God seems to have a twisted sense of humour.

Ben Davies and Alex Kellan quickly become best mates. But when the offer stands to be more than just friends, Ben finds himself seriously conflicted between the family he’d always envisioned for himself and the family he’s found.

Find out what happens in the third book of the Green Hills series!

The Cultist’s Wife – B.J. Sikes

1908, at the height of the British Empire, Clara’s autonomy is shattered when her long-absent husband summons her to join him at his eerie sect’s headquarters, insulated on a sparsely inhabited island in the Bahamas.

After a harrowing sea voyage, Clara and her children disembark into an unfamiliar landscape and climate. The children explore the marvels and mysteries of Andros Island and develop friendships with a Bahamian family, while Clara struggles to find her place as a woman within the cult.

But what seems at first to be a spiritual haven for Clara reveals itself to be a monster-worshipping cult intent on draining her family of more than their fortune.

Clara realizes that her quest for independence must mesh with her need to protect her children from the cult’s depraved attempts to consume their life essence.

With its themes of Spiritualism, motherhood, and betrayal, The Cultist’s Wife will appeal to fans of The Ghost Woods and The Quickening.

Fated to the Fae – Shelli Rosewarne

Fae, demons, and a sexy Scotsman just trying to keep his kilt on!
Keir is not having a good day. He’s been kidnapped from his own wedding, in full Scottish regalia no less, by a group of complete nutters. Led by a cute red-haired lassie who is obviously the craziest of the lot. She claims she’s saving him from demons, but Keir knows that’s ridiculous – right?

Ash has been fighting for as long as she can remember, and she’s tired. Tired of making horrible decisions, always having to be strong, and pushing everything aside for the greater good. Just once it would be nice to have someone take care of her. But now she has an angry Scotsman who desperately needs her help – no matter how much he doesn’t want it. There might be a sizzling connection there, but Ash can’t give into it – not when there are demons on the loose and lives on the line.