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March 2021 Giveaway Pack

The Qinali Virus – Valerie J. Mikles

Amber’s astral projection ability is rare… and it’s everything the Council of Highmere has been waiting for.

Trained in astronomy, Amber is bored by her tedious, Council-appointed job. When her mind wanders, so does her astral body, and the journey takes her to an apocalyptic warning sign the Council doesn’t want her to see. Their plan to recruit her to a secret assignment is derailed by a psychic attack that sends Amber and her telepathic sister running for their lives.

The Council’s indoctrination would have her to believe that only the old die. But now Amber sees through their lie, and the secret draws Amber’s entire family into danger. Can she use her astral projection ability to save herself, her siblings, and the world?

The Qinali Virus is a mind-bending sci-fi adventure novel. If you enjoy complex characters, and exploring morally gray conflicts, you’ll love this psychic sci-fi thriller.

Collared Souls – Elizabeth Noble

It seemed so simple, cross a train yard, hop a train and Todd and Nick would be free, on their way home to Elk’s Ridge in Yellowknife. Nothing is ever simple or easy for the Ruger men, however. Captured by Vice-Chancellor Raleigh, Todd is imprisoned, leaving Nick alone and seeking a way to free his mate. Help comes from an unlikely and unexpected ally. Todd’s freedom places the Rugers yet again into the Chancellor’s debt. He sends them on a fact finding mission to the small village of Eldrid, the same village where Nick was raised a slave.

There they discover how past events led to their present society, the origins of sentries and slaves and what made some of them so special. They also uncover a conspiracy spear-headed by Vice-Chancellor Raleigh. An attempt at stopping him isn’t as successful as they’d hoped when old enemies are confronted. The realities of war, and why some people don’t survive, are hard lessons for both Todd and Nick to learn.

Through firefights, explosions and a vicious attack from a seemingly unbeatable supernatural being, one thing is reinforced over and over-the most important thing each one has is each other. Will they survive or join an ever-growing list of casualties?

Stunning Short Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Join four award winning authors in eight realms of fantasy and science fiction. Otherworldly adventures to touch your heart and thrill your imagination.

  • A deadly secret lurks in idyllic fields of flax
  • Chatting with the dead, even when you’re a fraud, can’t end well on Friday the 13th
  • A blue trunk-nosed alien sniffs out the truth behind a smuggler’s delivery
  • Mining Jupiter’s storms leads to an unexpected discovery

…and more engaging stories

No Marigolds in the Promised Land – TS Hottle

40 million miles from Earth? Call NASA. 40 light-years from the nearest human being? Now we have a problem.

John Farno is asleep in a rover between domes on Farigha, a Mars-like terraforming project, when someone destroys the world around him. He awakens to flattened domes, no communications with the rest of humanity, and no supplies. With only a rover and whatever he’s brought with him, he has to figure out how to survive and who tried to wipe out Farigha. 

By the time it’s over, he’ll wish he was The Martian. That guy had all that NASA gear to work with.


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