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REVIEW: Fractured Soul – Matthew Dante

Fractured Soul - Matthew Dante

Genre: Thriller

Reviewer: Maryann

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About The Book

They say we are all products of our environment. Those raised in happy households will become loving, well-adjusted members of society; while those raised in violence and darkness will grow to be angry, heartless, and unstable. Truer words were never spoken.

After surviving the terrifying events that occurred on the murder farm, Alex’s views of society have darkened. That once bright and hopeful light has now dimmed and given rise to rage and suspicion. 

Alex’s views of humanity are tested even further when he stumbles across a man bleeding to death in an alleyway. Who is this man? And why was he left for dead? 

Marc and Alex suddenly find themselves thrust into the seedy underworld of human trafficking and prostitution as they work to uncover the criminal organization preying on the weak and vulnerable.

This is a MM thriller dealing with the darker elements of the criminal underworld.

The Review

Fractured Soul is the third novel in the “Fractured” series by Matthew Dante. 

It’s the continuing story of Marc and Alex, who are now in Brooklyn, and their relationship is stronger than ever.  

Marc has a job that fits him perfectly with Security Firm. The Firm caters to high profile clients, it gives Marc the chance to strategize and solve complex problems. He’s also dabbling in some interesting weaponry. Marc’s personality hasn’t change much – he’s still cautious about being around Alex’s friends and socializing. But there’s one thing that has never changed, and that’s his love and protection for Alex. 

Alex has compassion for most humans and has a job as a social services officer. He really wants to find a way to remedy social injustices. But Alex has changed – he seems to have gained a dark side with the last terrifying experience of his abduction. He spent time in therapy for panic attacks, but he was afraid of what he might divulged if he continued.     

It seems whenever Alec brings an injustice to Marc’s attention, Marc is ready to fix it the best way he knows how, with logic and planning. When Alex brings home a man whose been severely attacked, Marc and Alex become immersed in the dark world of human trafficking. As Marc gains more information from their house quest, he seeks out an old friend for advice, Officer Jones.  Marc becomes suspicious – is he about to miss something very important? Will Marc and Alex survive what’s to come?

Dante’s Fractured Soul reflects the dark side that exists in Marc’s and Alex’s lives. The trafficking case brings with it trauma, tragedy, and psychological damage, as the victims are lured into a terror-filled world. Marc and Alex have to face the fact that human trafficking is a world-wide issue and can even happen right where they live.

As for Marc and Alex, they maintain the unique “absolute love” that will always keep them together. Along the way, even though Alex doesn’t always see the good in the world, he still clings to hope, and tries to help those that are unfortunate. Even when he’s in danger, Marc tries to help too.  

There’s another special connection that Marc has – Officer Jones. He first met Jones in Fractured Love in his teenage years. It’s interesting to see the friendship that they have maintained.

There are a few secondary characters that lighten the story:  Eve and James, friends of Alex; and Seth, who is younger and needs to watch his step.  

Dante never disappoints – with each novel, he delves deeper into the personalties and emotions of Alex and Marc. Fractured Soul is suspenseful, romantic, and fast paced, with action and danger mixed with sweet moments of banter. It also has the perfect ending for such an exciting novel.  And “The Ravens Touch” did an excellent job with the cover art!  

Personally, this was an interesting experience, as I gave Dante input on the entire series as he was working on it: Fractured Love, Fractured Mind and Fractured Soul. Thank you, Matthew, for the great opportunity!

The Reviewer

Hi, I’m Maryann, I started life in New York, moved to New Hampshire and in 1965 uprooted again to Sacramento, California.  Once I retired I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2011 and just moved back to Sacramento in March of 2018.  My son, his wife and step-daughter flew out to Florida and we road tripped back so they got to see sights they have never seen.  New Orleans and the Grand Canyon were the highlights. Now I am back on the west coast again to stay! From a young age Ialways liked to read.

I remember going to the library and reading the “Doctor Dolittle” books by Hugh Lofting. Much later on became a big fan of the classics, Edgar Alan Poe, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and as time went by Agatha Christie, Ray Bradbury and Stephen Kingand many other authors.

My first M/M shifter book I read was written by Jan Irving the “Uncommon Cowboys” series from 2012.  She was the first author I ever contacted and sent an email to letting her know how much I liked this series.  Sometime along the way I read “Zero to the Bone”by Jane Seville, I think just about everyone has read this book! 

As it stands right now I’m really into mysteries, grit, gore and “triggers” don’t bother me. But if a blurb piques my interest I will read the book.

My kindle collection eclectic and over three thousand books and my Audible collection is slowly growing.  I have both the kindle and audible apps on my ipod, ipads, and MAC. So there is never an excuse not to be listening or reading.

I joined Goodreads around 2012 and started posting reviews.  One day a wonderful lady, Lisa Horan of The Novel Approach, sent me an email to see if I wanted to join her review group.  Joining her site was such an eye opener.  I got introduce to so many new authors that write for the LGBTQ genre. Needless to say, it was heart breaking when it ended.

But I found a really great site, QRI and it’s right here in Sacramento. Last year at QSAC I actually got to meet Scott Coatsworth, Amy Lane and Jeff Adams.