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Review: El Nuevo Mundo – Brian Yapko

El Nuevo Mundo - Bryan Yapko

Genre: Sci-Fi

Reviewer: SI

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About The Book

In the year 2066, the artist haven of Santa Fe, New Mexico emerges as ground zero for the conquest and destruction of Earth by the evil Zolteots.

Nick Clements and Daniel Vigil-Cruz — a writer and an artist still deeply in love after 12 years together — become the improbable fulcrum through which Earth might survive.

As they weigh what must be done to save our planet, they are forced to confront shocking truths which will transform the Earth — as well as their future together — forever.

The Review

Nick and his husband have a happy life in New Mexico with their dog. But then his elderly next door neighbour makes a startling confession that threatens to undo not only Nick’s world but everyone else’s as well.

This story mostly takes place in dialogue: first between Nick and Astra and then between Nick and Daniel. It’s all very theoretical and existential, with very little description or sense of exterior.

It put me in mind of a few of J Scott Coatsworth’s short stories. It’s a format that works well in short fiction, but doesn’t lend itself as easily to longer works. In my opinion, it works here but this novella is about as long as you’d want to go in such a format.

Sci-fi and dystopian readers who crave fiction that explores the human condition on a deep philosophical level will savour this thought-provoking novella. A quick but weighty read with a leisurely pace and a sombre mood.

The Reviewer

SI CLARKE is a misanthrope who lives in Deptford, sarf ees London. She shares her home with her partner and an assortment of waifs and strays. As someone who’s neurodivergent, an immigrant, and the proud owner of an invisible disability, she strives to present a diverse array of characters in her stories. And she loves reading about diverse characters too.   

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