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Review: Enimnori: Arrival – Jeff Webber

Enimnori: Arrival - Jeff Webber

Genre: Fantasy

Reviewer: Madison, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

An act of desperation by young magician Brandon accidentally snatches Scott Hathaway from our world. Struggling to adapt to his new life, Scott becomes ensnared in dark local politics. He realizes he can use the knowledge he brought from his world to save his new friends, but at what cost?

The Review

Scott Hathaway is an engineer and Martial Artist and finds himself teleported to another world by magic. He finds out that Brandon is a magician who accidentally summoned him. Nevertheless Scott and Brandon become friends.

Scott also meets master magician Morgan, Brandon’s teacher, who seems to be far more dangerous than expected. Both magicians want to save their home, they just can’t agree on a method.

Scott wants to help his new friends. Grateful, they want to support him getting back home to his own life…

I don’t want to go deeper into the story to spoil the read.

This starts off as an easy read at first, but gets increasingly difficult, and, at times, a bit frustrating. On different occasions the story jumps from one point to the next, without explanation, or even reason, which makes it hard to follow and is often confusing.

I also wish the author had taken a bit more time to properly work out and ‘fine tune’ the characters. They are drafted roughly; there’s no development of the characters within the story. They all seem to have one ‘voice’ and are frozen within their frame. Unfortunately, that makes them seem flat and makes the story flag from the middle through to the end.

Of the main characters, I liked Brandon best – at times he made me smile.

The story isn’t bad, and I think, the author could have created an excellent book with these ideas. A second edition with more detailed characterization, significant character development, and an easier to read flow could turn this from a decent story into a great one.

The Reviewer

Madison Davis is a fantasy and paranormal romance author. She also works as a graphic designer and business strategy consultant. But her dream is to become a full-time writer. She enjoys the support of her friends and family and loves reading, traveling, and dancing. Madison lives in the South East with her husband, three cats, and a Rottweiler.

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