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Review: Farkas: Gothika – Kim Fielding

Farkas: Gothika - Kim Fielding

Genre: Gay

Reviewer: Gloria, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Lee Harker has never fit in anywhere. Not with his immigrant family in rural Nebraska, not on a Navy ship during World War II, and not in Los Angeles as associate in a law firm. But when he’s sent to a remote mansion to complete some paperwork for the reclusive Vincent Farkas, Lee encounters the most unsettling circumstances yet. Caught in a place where things truly do go bump in the night, he must face his fears—and his desires—and acknowledge his true nature.

The Review

This short spellbinding piece came from an anthology Kim Fielding was in last year. It was called Fang-Gothika Series – the authors Sue Brown, Eli Easton, and Jamie Fessenden. It won the Best Anthology Award from the Paranormal Romance Guild for 2022. Here Fielding debuts it as a stand-alone.

Lee Harker was born to immigrant parents and has struggled his whole life. He’s now an associate with a prestigious law firm in California, working days, nights and weekends, hoping for a partnership. One late night at work, his boss approaches him with an assignment he knows he can’t turn down.

A very rich client named Lazlo Farkas is in need of some legal work, and has requested a solicitor to come to his home for a few days. Lee packs for the trip, is picked up by a limo the next evening, and is whisked off to the story of a lifetime.

The eerie ride leads to an even more frightening estate – think the Munsters. Lee is greeted by Vincent Farkas, Laslo’s grandson, and brought up to an apartment with rooms for his use during his stay. Lee’s job is to transfer the entire holdings of Laslo Farkas to his grandson.

His only visitor over the next few days is Vincent, who comes with a trolley filled with delicious dinners and wine, and keeps him company for the evening. When he wakes, it is to a feast of meats and breads and juices and tea, and clean clothes.

They begin to work together to form a legal identity for the grandson, whose papers were supposedly lost. This way he can inherit his grandfather’s wealth with no pitfalls. Lee becomes more and more changed by Vincent’s hours, his clothing and his dreams – the secret dream lover taking over his dreams.

We the reader, are the voyeurs of the changes occurring, in Lee’s mind every minute of the story. While the choices before Lee are evident, the decisions he makes will be his own… Hang on for a wild ride.

Five stars.

This Series was reviewed in Oct of 2022. Author released her book for Anthology in January 2023

The Reviewer

I am Gloria Lakritz/ aka grammy, and I am the Chairperson and Senior Reviewer for the The Paranormal Romance Guild. I am a reader of all genres and I love everything written. My excitement a few years ago, in meeting a group of Small Published and Indie writers on Amazon, had put me on a course to have them form a group for the benefit of their field. Here we are today, a little over 1 yr old and 50 strong. I am proud of them, and I think that we can grow and help all who dare to dream!!!

In my spare time, I am the President of a Financial Services Company, ENG Financial Corp, with 3 full service brokers. I have lived and worked in New Port Richey, Fl since 1989 and am the Proud Mother of two daughters and Prouder Grandmother of 4 grandchildren.

I am a Member of West Pasco Chamber of Commerce, A Woman in Philanthrophy for Morton Plant Hospitals, a Board Member for the PTA of Cypress Elementary School, Chair Captain for the Cancer Relay of New Port Richey’s Relay for Life, and Treasurer for the Paranormal Romance Guild.

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