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Review: Suck a Little Happy Juice – J. Scott Coatsworth

Suck a Little Happy Juice - J. Scott Coatsworth

Genre: Non-Fiction, Writing

Reviewer: D.B., Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Being An Indie Author Can’t Be That Hard, Right?

So you want to be an indie author. Or maybe you’re scared to do it all yourself and are looking for a publisher, but want to know more about the nuts and bolts of the book business. Either way, this book is for you.

Scott is a thirty-year small press veteran who shares his knowledge— from the snarky to the sublime—and answers your questions: What should you consider before you start to write? What about when you get stuck? And what can you do when you start doubting yourself?

This book is filled with practical advice, candid explanations, and emotional support for any writer navigating today’s complicated publishing business, helping you to stay sane and define for yourself what being a “successful writer” means.

In your career, you’ll have highs and lows. It’s important to put all the highs in a bottle and save them. And when the publishing world gets you down, pull it out and suck a little happy juice.

The Review

Unlike most of my reviews, this book isn’t fiction therefore it required me to rethink how I usually review books. So, bear with me as I review my first non-fiction book:

Theme: Writing is hard, but it’s also sorta fun.

My initial thought was that the author must’ve truly enjoyed writing this book. There’s a lot of humor embedded throughout, which made reading it a lot more fun. This was especially important for me, since for the most part, I’ve sworn off non-fiction books. Don’t judge me, graduate school was hard and long! I just want happy, imaginary worlds now!

I’ve read more than a few of J. Scott’s books over the years, and he has several hero books out. (Maybe not superhero, but definitely books where the MC is playing the role of a hero.)

I kept thinking as I read this book that maybe J. Scott has taken on his own hero role with the writing and putting out this how-to format for potential authors. As someone who has written and tried to market my own books, I can attest to how tough it is.

Not only is it hard to write a book, but editing that book into something others wish to read thenconvincing others (marketing) to read the book can seem insurmountable.

Scott truly broke down the challenges writers face. Even teaching this old bird a few new things about writing.

I don’t have any critiques for this book. I know, unusual for me, but to be honest, I think this is something that’s needed. I do understand there are more than a few books about the writing process in the world, but most are laborious to read.

I didn’t feel that type of struggle with this book at all. Again, that’s significant as I remind you that, for the most part, I only read fiction nowadays.

I give J. Scott’s book 5 easy stars and if you are thinking about becoming an author, this is a great resource. I’d recommend potential authors buy it in paperback form, read it, then keep it next to your writing space for when your world inevitably collapses around you. Trust me, authors face struggles, and when those come, you’ll need all the help you can get. Ominous huh? Yes, but then J. Scott has made the process irreverent and fun.

Get the book, you’ll be glad you did.

The Reviewer

I am D.B. Wilson and I am an avid reader. I was born in Tennessee and lived there until I went to college in Iowa. I spent most of my life in Kansas City and have been a teacher, real estate agent, bookseller, and even a full-time foster parent. My husband and I became full-time RVers in 2017 and now travel with our two dogs Denver and Buddy as he works all over USA as a travel nurse.

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