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Word Count: 153,500

Summary: Twin witches Robbie and Rowan spend the bulk of their time conjuring up ways to get their hands on a magical chest which is closely guarded by their lifelong nemesis.  The twins and their longtime friend Colter devise a plan to conceal the chest in wulfenite to hide it away from Drew. To obtain the mineral they begin working at a mineral mine in Schickard, AZ. They quickly learn that things are not as they seem. They realize that some of the miners are disappearing. They discovered a coven of witches, a mysterious instructor, and an unknown force lurking about the mine. Robbie, Rowan and their friends are propelled back in time to the year 1647. During an intense battle Robbie and Tillis, a nascent witch with Chrono-telekinetic abilities, are catapulted forward in time to the year 1918. Robbie meets his young grandfather in post-war Connecticut. Robbie finds he is tethered to Tillis, who is unaware of the connection. Robbie is forced to witness the secret relationship between his grandfather and Tillis. Robbie tries desperately to get back to Rowan. When he finally succeeds in getting back he has a disastrous encounter with a werewolf. Upon returning to 1647 Robbie finds himself in another predicament this time Drew and his friends come to Robbie’s aid.  The two former rivals become friends forging a lifelong bond.  Robbie comes around to Drew’s way of thinking.   Robbie helps Drew fortify the chest to keep it out of Rowan’s hands, causing a rift between the twins.  Robbie will have to find a way to get Rowan and his clique to come together with Drew and his friends to fight a bigger battle that has the potential of becoming the next apocalypse.  

The Guardian - M. Jay Williams - The Hallowed Bloodline
The Hallowed Bloodline: The Guardian

M. Jay Williams ...

February 20, 2020

Word Count: 60000

Summary: Jeff Harris goes back in time to prevent the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, but gets pulled into November 1963, and has 23 years to plan his intervention with the Challenger. He discovers that his actions in the past may result in the Soviet Union continuing in the 21st century. He strives with Laura and Karina to prevent this, and also the murder of John Lennon and the September 11 attacks, but the resilience and interconnections of history make it unlikely that they'll be able to stop all of those calamities, and the personal survival of at least one of them may be incompatible with their goals. The Saga contains "Loose Ends" -- the novella nominated for Hugo, Nebula, and Sturgeon Awards -- and its sequels "Little Differences," "Late Lessons," and "Last Calls".

The Loose Ends Saga - Paul Levinson
The Loose Ends Saga

Paul Levinson ...

September 26, 2016

Word Count: 50000

Summary: World Fantasy Award Finalist Winner of the 2nd Annual North Street Book Prize

Dwarves and golems, Fates and minotaurs, metamorphoses, murder, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. L.S. Johnson delivers a provocative and original short story collection that ingeniously blends myth and nightmare. Whether it concerns an infertile witch constructing a golem-baby, a daughter struggling to understand her mother’s supernatural infidelities, or a cafeteria worker forming an uneasy alliance with a group of possibly imaginary but nonetheless dangerous little men, each story in this remarkable collection demonstrates the limitless capacity of intelligent speculative fiction to enthrall, inspire, and amaze.

Vacu Magia Stories - L.S. Johnson
Vacui Magia: Stories

L.S. Johnson ...

March 1, 2016