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2084 The End of Days eBook

The End of Days

by Derek Beaugarde

2084 The End Of Days - Derek Beaugarde
Editions:ePub - First Edition: £ 0.99
ISBN: 9780993555114
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 294

In the years leading up to 2084 seven disparate men and women across the globe find themselves battling with their own personal frailties and human tragedies. Suddenly they find themselves drawn together in order to fight for survival against the ultimate global disaster - Armageddon! This is their story and mankind's destiny.

Reviews:Anita Dow on wrote:

For all those who think they don't like science fiction, here's a terrific story set in the not so distant future, on Earth and on Mars. You won't get overloaded with spacey technology jargon, futuristic alien worlds or aliens with weird names.
There's a large cast of characters and an 'end of times' scenario that's very plausible. The plot has several intriguing layers involving an apocalyptic sky event, genetics, computer hackers, astronomy, astronauts, terrorism, journalism and a Mars colony.
For me, the most enjoyable part was the very well drawn and believable characters and how their stories were eventually intertwined. The build up to the climax and resolution was handled brilliantly and kept me guessing all the way. This is an engaging and enthralling plot with characters to care about, and for me that's the hallmark of a great story.

About the Author

Derek Beaugarde is the sci-fi pseudonym for author John McGee. Born in the railway village of Corkerhill, Glasgow in 1956, he studied at Allan Glen's School for boys from 1968. The actor/author Sir Dirk Bogarde also went to Allan Glen's in the 1930s and the pseudonym is a homage to this great British icon. 2084 The End of Days is loosely based on biographical and family history anecdotes, then fictionalised by setting it within an Armageddon-genre sci-fi thriller. Seven individuals struggling with their daily lives are thrown together to face their ultimate battle - the survival of mankind. Derek is currently working on his adventurous space opera novella sequel to 2084. The working title is 2112 Revelation. It is currently just over 38k+ words in a final draft form. I do not wish to add any spoilers here, so if you have any questions on 2112 please send me a message.