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Love in Every Stitch

by Julie Bozza

Jake is a trapper working high in the mountains of Wyoming Territory, usually not seeing another human from one month to the next. Recently, however, he’s had an unexpected guest – an Easterner named Edwin, who pitches in to ensure that Jake has enough supplies to survive the coming winter. As the evenings draw in, Jake works on knitting a blanket, adding a bit of love (and maybe even magic) into every stitch, hoping to entice Edwin to join him under its warmth…

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Reviews:Sofia on Goodreads wrote:

Knitting blankets gives me the time to calm down from stressful days, just stitch after stitch and you breath in and you breath out.

Reading this was then a welcome addition to the calming down process.

Thankyou Julie.

About the Author

Julie Bozza is an Aussie-Anglo hybrid empowered by writing, fuelled by espresso, calmed by knitting, overexcited by photography, and madly in love with Amy Adams and John Keats.