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The Martian Diaries: Vol.3 Gateway To Mars

The War Of The Worlds Continues On The Moon And Mars!

by H.E. Wilburson

Gateway to Mars - H.E. Wilburson - The Martian Diaries
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 6.99
ISBN: 978-1-8383250-2-2
Pages: 400

Time is running out for planet Earth. An insidious Martian plague has been infecting the planet for over twenty years, and has resisted all human efforts to eradicate it.

With global extinction now imminent, the only possible solution left is to directly access Martian technology by a daring space mission–to the moon first and then Mars. But how feasible is the ambitious plan to send astronauts into space in 1945?

Will the super-weapon, hidden by the Martians at the lake on the moon, hold the desperately needed cure for mankind's survival? Can it really be used to instigate the future of another timeline on Earth?

The stakes are high and so is the risk of contact and conflict with Martians, but one astronaut unknowingly holds the key to the evolution of the Martian race and the reason why the aliens came to Earth in The War Of The Worlds.

Gateway To Mars is the third volume of The Martian Diaries series that continues the classic H.G. Wells Mars novel in a compelling, unmissable action adventure.

If you're a fan of The War Of The Worlds you won't want to miss this story of survival, despair and hope, so get your copy today!

What readers have said:
“A really well written, excellent continuation of the story and a truly brilliant tribute to HG Wells! I do recommend!”

“An excellent third part to this incredible series!”

“Boy this was a good book! I love the writing style... it's very true to the original story.”

About the Author

H.E. Wilburson is an award-winning British author and composer, with accolades for the writing and music for The Martian Diaries series – his audio sequel to The War Of The Worlds.

Having long been drawn to the H.G. Wells science fiction classic, he decided in 2015 to continue the story himself as he felt there were questions Wells left unanswered. With almost a lifetime of composing and painting pictures with music, Wilburson created a sequel with his own musical compositions and added immersive sound effects.

He enjoys history, advances in science and listening to great music and story telling. When he's not writing, he is passionate about composing music, and favourite hobbies include hiking, chilling in the garden, entertaining his daughter with made up dad jokes and creating new story lines for The Martian Diaries